Fan-made war for cybertron script

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    - Primus is not Cybertron - he is Cybertron's control system/computer.
    - The Decepticons are just prisoners that Megatron broke free.
    - Shows how the Golden Age happened.
    - The Cybertronians were Autobots and Decepticons millions of years before, but joined forces after they found the PLasma Energy Chamber.Sentinel Prime hid the Matrix of Leadership, making it the key to the door to the Chamber.

    The Cybertronians find an ancient door that can only be unlocked by a Prime. Optimus wished to close the door off from the rest of the world, while Megatron wanted to open it by force. Zeta decided to listen to Optimus, and Megatron strikes him, going to jail. In prison, he escapes along with every other prisoner and promises his revenge on Zeta and the others. It was only a matter of time.

    HERE IT IS!!!

    Optimus, Zeta and Megatron find a large door, which needed a Prime to open it. After discussing about it, Zeta and Optimus, much to Megatron’s disapproval, decide to leave the door locked and keep anyone else from getting in by building a door by the Constructobots. They then order guards to protect the door.
    Megatron attacked Zeta in the Iacon Headquarters. Zeta sentences Megatron to Iacon Prison for life. Optimus leads guards holding Megatron into Iacon Prison, in which they throw Megatron into the strongest prison cell after removing Sixshot from it.
    Optimus and Zeta talk about the door and the Primes, and further on how the Matrix of Leadership went missing. Optimus and Zeta then talk about Optimus’ Energon-Axe.
    Megatron talks with a prisoner called Soundwave, who he convinced him to join his rampage. With the help of Soundwave’s communications skills, Megatron talks to every prisoner in Iacon Prison, and asks them to join his team and start a rampage. Everyone agrees, and the next day they plan to attack.
    Optimus is on a computer when Zeta enters. Zeta informs Optimus that Ironhide will take Megatron’s place. Ironhide enters. Optimus informs Ironhide that Zeta has elected him in Megatron’s place. Jazz enters and offers to guard Megatron’s cell, but Optimus says no. Prowl enters and asks the same thing, but Zeta says no also, and says that they should just wait and see what happens.
    Megatron breaks out of his prison, after charging up enough Energon and using it in his Fusion Cannon. Megatron arrives at the control room, where he almost kills Hound, and releases all of the prisoners. Hound alerts all of Iacon City. Optimus and Zeta head for Iacon Prison. All of the prisoners start tearing through the hordes of guards. Eventually Optimus and Zeta arrives. Optimus fends off the prisoners while Zeta holds off Megatron. Soon, Megatron kills Zeta in combat while Optimus was in another room shutting Iacon Prison. Unfortunately every prisoner escape, for Optimus was not in time. Megatron leaves Iacon City with the rest of the prisoners, calling themselves the Decepticons. Optimus finds Zeta dead in Iacon Prison. Ironhide arrives and they both head out of the prison.
    Megatron and the prisoners fled to an abandoned city called Kaon. They had started up a base there, and had elected Megatron as their leader. Megatron elects Soundwave as his Chief Communications Officer. He then elects Shockwave as his second in command. They then find a band of Cybertronian Jets who do not attack them. Megatron convinces them to join him, and elects their leader, Starscream to be the Air Commander.
    Optimus and Ironhide arrive at the Chamber of Elders, carrying Zeta’s corpse. Optimus asks the High Council for help, who then elect him the new leader of the Autobots. Optimus thanks them and then they both leave. Optimus elects Ironhide as his second in command, and General to the Cybertronian Army. Optimus needed to talk to Iacon City.
    Optimus talks to all of Iacon. He says that the Decepticons will attack the city, and that anyone who wants to join the military can do so. He then orders all of Iacon’s defense systems to be activated.
    Soon Megatron arrives in jet form to Iacon City. Megatron is escorted to Optimus and Ironhide in the Iacon Headquarters. Megatron tells Optimus that the Decepticons will not attack only if they let them be. Optimus agrees, and Megatron leaves. Optimus orders the Iacon defense systems to be left on, just in case.
    Megatron arrives at Kaon to find Soundwave, Shockwave and Starscream waiting for him. Starscream asks Megatron when they were going to attack, but Megatron says that they are not going to attack yet. Soundwave says that they need to catch them off guard to defeat them.
    Five hundred years later, Optimus orders the Constructobots to reopen the door. Optimus, Ironhide and Jazz walk through the tunnel. One of the Constructobots calls out to them, saying that they are working for Megatron now, and they shut the door on them. The three of them begin to try to blast open the door. Meanwhile, the Decepticons arrive at Iacon and begin to destroy the city. Megatron, Soundwave and Shockwave arrive and enter the Chamber of the Elders. The three of them start to kill all of the Elders. Optimus then tells Ironhide and Jazz that his Energon-Axe might be able to break through the door if there is enough Energon saved up, which is what he had been doing the whole time. He blasts open the door with it and they run out to find Iacon City in ruins. A yellow Cybertronian approaches them; calling him Bumblebee and telling them that Megatron had killed the Elders. Optimus then decides to retreat. He orders everyone to retreat the city, because he knew that it would be too late to activate the defenses. The survivors retreat from Iacon City, with Optimus leading them away. Megatron and the Decepticons claim Iacon, vowing to destroy the rest of the Cybertronians, and get the prisoners in other cities to join them.
    Optimus and the survivors arrive at an abandoned city. There they find thousands of ancient corpses scattered around the destroyed, ancient city. Optimus decides that they will rest there. While scouting around, a few of the survivors find an ancient tomb. They alert Optimus, who then blasts open the door with his Energon-Axe. They find twelve coffins, and they then realize that they are the coffins of the first twelve Transformers. They then find the Allspark in the tomb, in which Optimus realizes that it can be used to gather an army. He starts to give life to the corpses around the city.
    The Decepticons had just finished destroying another city. Megatron stood watching on a hovering platform with Soundwave and Shockwave. Starscream’s troops soared over them towards the city. Then they dropped hundreds of missiles all over the city. Megatron laughed and ordered the Decepticons to round up the prisoners of the city, so that they can recruit more Decepticons.
    Optimus had finished reviving all of the corpses in the city. Optimus and the others find out that the city was an Autobot city, Metroplex, which was attacked by the Decepticons. The Decepticons killed their leader, and their city was shutdown. Optimus states that their new faction would be called the Autobots, and placed the Allspark into the city’s control system. The city reawakened, transforming sitting up. It looks down at Optimus and calls itself Metroplex, and agrees to join the Autobots.
    Starscream and his two commanders Thundercracker and Skywarp are on the top of a building in a destroyed city. Skywarp asks Starscream if he really is serving Megatron, to which Starscream says that he is for now but plans to overthrow him.
    Megatron stands as he watches hundreds of prisoners gathered around him. He gives them a speech about joining the Decepticons, to which they all agree to do. Megatron then plans to start to find the Matrix of Leadership, and orders the Decepticons to start their search.
    Optimus finds a large shield generator for Metroplex, but it was shut down. A revived Autobot tells him that it was their main defense system. Optimus gives it power with his Energon-Axe, and it transforms into a Cybertronian. It calls itself Six-Shot and agrees to join the Autobots.
    Soundwave approaches Megatron, and tells him that he has sensed a large signal. Megatron knew it was the survivors, and orders everyone to go there at once, with Soundwave leading the way.
    The Autobot’s Chief Communications Officer, Blaster, senses the Decepticons coming. He alerts Optimus, who then tells everyone his plan. They all get ready to fight as Metroplex transforms back into his city form.
    The Decepticons arrive to see the Autobots standing in the city, which was now a wide, flat surface. He orders everyone to attack them, but a large shield is summoned around the Autobots. The Decepticons start getting shot at through the shield. Eventually the shield wears off, but the Decepticons find that the Autobots were not even in there. As they walk into the city, they trigger booby traps, a lot of them falling into acid pools to their death. The Autobots suddenly come up from out of a secret passage way and attack the Decepticons.
    The Autobots and Decepticons begin a large war. During the war, Ironhide fights Starscream and Soundwave, and Optimus fights Megatron. After Omega Supreme takes out hundreds of Decepticons, Megatron calls in Trypticon. Trypticon arrives in his starship form and begins tearing up the place. Metroplex then transforms and fights Trypticon, tackling him away from the war. Ironhide wounds Starscream, and Soundwave wound him deeply before fleeing to help Megatron. Megatron is wounded deeply by Optimus. Soundwave arrives but is defeated by Optimus. Optimus and Megatron continue to fight, after Megatron tried to flee in his jet form. Optimus chased him in his truck form. Metroplex and Trypticon continue to fight. Trypticon is defeated and tries to flee by flying into space. Metroplex grabbed onto Trypticon and falls back on Cybertron, causing a large earthquake.
    Optimus and Megatron fight inside Iacon. Megatron flees into the ancient tunnel, where Optimus finds out that the Decepticons had almost destroyed the door. During the fight, Optimus’ Energon-Axe is flung into the door, which opens it. Optimus wounds Megatron even deeper, and he stays on the ground. Optimus walks into the room to find a huge sphere with machines all around the room. A computer switches on and a face appears on it. The face introduces itself as Cybertron’s main control system, Primus. Primus tells Optimus that the room is the Plasma Energy Chamber, which was created for two purposes: either use its energy to fuel Cybertron into a Golden Age, or use its energy for power. Megatron hears this, and wishes to use it for power. Optimus however wished to use it for fueling Cybertron. Primus did not wish to meddle in the Cybertronians’ affairs, and left the choice up to Megatron and Optimus. The two get into another fight, only for Optimus to defeat Megatron again. Optimus asks for the key, to which Primus says it is the Matrix of Leadership. Optimus tells Primus what happened, to which Primus states that his Energon-Axe holds the Matrix of Leadership. Optimus places his Energon-Axe into the keyhole, and it transforms into the Matrix of Leadership, activating the Plasma Energy Chamber.
    Optimus merges the Matrix of Leadership with his Spark, becoming a Prime. Megatron flees from the chamber. Primus states that Cybertron will now be an energy-filled world, and that the Cybertronians will not hear from him again for a long time. He switches off. Optimus leaves the chamber, closing the door again and locking it with his Spark.
    The war had now been finished. Megatron had called his Decepticons away. Optimus arrived at the scene where Ironhide greeted him. Optimus finishes saying that the war is not over until the Decepticons are finished, just as all of Cybertron brightens up into a Golden Age.