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    If you as a fan would edit the Transformers films released so far what would you edit/alter? The main thing here is keeping scenes that are in the movie, rearranging things, cutting things, changing hue, changing audio,etc.
    What would be some of the changes you would make
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    Well, not the changes "I would make" but changes I did make for Revenge of the Fallen:

    - Twins completely removed from Shanghai*
    - dialogue between Sam and his parents at the beginning trimmed
    - kitchen-bots trimmed
    - dogs removed
    - some of Sam’s mom scenes deleted
    - garage scene replaced with alternate version
    - crying Bumblebee deleted
    - trimmed some shots during arriving to Diego Garcia*
    - one shot of Optimus in truck form added*
    - Twins upgrading removed*
    - Epps alternate line after Optimus transforms added
    - Leo’s pals trimmed
    - cut all Sam’s parents scenes at the college
    - added Sam, Leo & Alice scene at the dorm*
    - cut Sam, Leo & friends going to the party (not the party itself)
    - cut entire scene with Sam & Alice in Bumblebee
    - trimmed Wheelie trying to get the shard (no mouse trap, less talking)
    - Sam is freaking out in his room a little less
    - cut Leo’s reaction on Sam in his room
    - most of the dialogue between Sam and Mikaela during escape deleted
    - cut Leo’s “So hot” line
    - Sam’s parents & the mime deleted
    - twins removed from Sam & Leo discussion scene
    - cut part of Decepticons arrival
    - part of Simmons dialogue in meat shop removed
    - “don’ tell my mother” removed
    - some of Wheelie’s lines removed
    - Simmons ass and dialogue before going to museum deleted
    - cut entire Leo’s toilet scene
    - removed Leo line “I’m not going anywhere” when Simmons paralyzing the guard
    - humping wheelie removed
    - cut part of Jetfire dialogue and parachute scene
    - cut the scene in which Mikaela lies on Leo
    - added “Leo refuses…” deleted scene*
    - deleted police chase*
    - deleted hiding from the police*
    - trimmed phone call scene*
    - deleted checkpoint scene (now Soundwave locates Sam after Simmons phone call)*
    - trimmed Epps, Lennox, headquarters talking*
    - Leo & Simmons sleeping removed
    - Galloway plane and Egypt scenes removed
    - Leo’s panic in the car removed
    - paralyzing Leo removed
    - cut part of dialogue between Leo and Simmons where paralyzing was mentioned
    - part of Headquarters talking deleted
    - deleted some military equipment footage during battle
    - removed “enemy scrotum”
    - removed “Transformers heaven”
    - and some minor cuts here and there

    and of course:

    Revenge of the Fallen 80s style

    I think I'll try to do something like that with AoE.
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    aside from trimming dumb human crap, and adding the autobot dance scene from AOE, not much i guess. plus cut the reeeeeally cringy humor parts