Fan-Character Tech Spec Generator (Sort of)

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    He folks, I've been working on a tech spec generator for a while now and I've kinda hits a dead end with it. It works great for fan characters, but when I was trying to apply it to tv characters it started to fall apart. It seems the main issues are also its main design, It can only make characters that are reasonably equal in power. So when trying to apply it to 2 very different characters like Rattrap and Megatron, their stats turn out a little to close together. Still it works great for your own fan characters, especially if your running a Transformers RPG and you don't want the players to have overly powerful characters.

    There are a few things I would like to run by you guys for imput;

    1) Alt modes - Should alt modes modify stats? (Example, Tank mode: +1 Frp, +1 End) this will make choosing an alt mode more important and make some alt modes better then others. Or should your options on Alt modes be based on your stats? (Example: Tank Mode: Must have at lest a 7 in End and Frp to take a tank as your alt mode.) This will give certain characters limits on what they can and cannot turn into, in case you are running a rpg where characters can scan new alt-modes. I personally like the second option better.

    2) Size - Right now, characters turn out pretty balanced, but you can get odd situations where small characters are stronger then Massive ones. I originally did this on purpose so small characters will not be penalized, but now i'm thinking differently. What are your guy's thoughts?

    (PS. This Generator was built with the beast era characters in mind for power levels and what not, feel free to modify it how ever you want.)

    Thats it for now, I'm going to post the generator itself below so I dont clutter up the page.
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    Before we start, hear is a quick rundown of what each Stat represents (This is my own opinion and what i based the generator on);

    Strength - How physically strong the character is. Their ability to move objects, travel without resting, and the damage they cause with close combat weapons are all part of strength.

    Speed - How Physically fast a character is. Their land/sea/air speed and well as the ability to manoeuvre and dodge attacks.

    Endurance - How physically tough and armoured a character is. This Stat corresponds to a characters ability to withstand physical punishment, either from the elements or from weapons fire. High endurance also protects against energon and other radiation build up.

    Firepower - Firepower corresponds to a character’s power core, and how much weapons and equipment their body can power. Thus a high firepower does not mean deadlier weaponry, but means the character can equip more powerful weapons and more equipment on their person then a character with lower firepower.

    Intelligence - A Characters cognitive power. Their ability to absorb data quickly and reliably. A character with High intelligence would make more logical choices where as a character with low intelligence would make very rash choices.

    Rank - A characters ability to get along with others as well as their air of authority. A character with high rank is a more adept liar and is able to get others to believe anything they say, where as a character with low rank is not taken seriously. A character with a rank of 3 or lower has a speech impediment.

    Courage - A characters willpower to face anything. Their ability to keep a cool head as well as the will to keep going when all seems lost.

    - Their ability to simply do well in their chosen field. A soldier with high skill would be a master of combat and battle tactics, where as a Scientist would beable to build complex tools with minimal resources.

    Just follow these 5 steps to build your bot. Make your choices and then add up all of the Stat points your character has to get you final result. You must make 1 choice in each of the following categories:

    Spark Defect
    Where where they built?

    Unlike the other choices, you make chose as many upgrades as you wish.

    Step one: Choose a race and gender
    Male: + 1 Strength and + 1 Skill
    Female: +1 Rank and +1 Intelligence
    Other: May add +1 to one Stat

    Maximal/autobot: +1 Endurance and +1 Courage
    Predacon/decepticon: +1 Firepower and +1 Speed
    Other: May add +1 to one stat

    Step two: Program your Spark

    Programing represents your transformers personality.



    No to sparks are the same, and their are many inherent defects within their structure. This is what give a transformer their individuality and what separates them from just machines.

    Spark Defect_______INT_RANK_COUR_SKILL
    High Positron Count___4__2____0____0
    Ball of Electrons______0___0____4____2
    Electric Shell_________2___1____0____3
    Energized Core_______3___2____0____1
    Static Shock_________0___4____2____0
    Locked Down_________1___0____3____2
    Error 401____________4___0____2____0
    Random pulse________2___0____0____4
    Rusty Chamber_______0___4____2____0

    What was your character originally bough online for? What is their history and events that led them to where they are today.

    Special Op__________0___2____0____3

    Spark defects
    High Positron Count - The transformer is a quick learner but more book smart then street smart.
    Ball of electrons - Very stubborn, but courageous
    Depolarized - Selfless, always thinking of the larger group before them selves.
    Electric Shell - Opportunistic, they always think of themselves before others.
    Energized Core - Quick thinker, can make plans up on the fly, very spontaneous.
    Unstable - Is not known for their intelligence, but for their ability in battle.
    Static Shock - They are very charismatic and can make friends anywhere.
    Locked down - They are always set apart from the rest, they have no friends and like it that way.
    Errror 401 - Others do not respect them, and they are always trying to get ahead, but can be counted on in dire circumstances.
    Random Pulse - They are naive an tend to be unconcerned with the workings of things, they are experts in their chosen field however.
    Rusty chamber- A rebel at heart, they always challenge authority unless its their own.
    Luminous - Dangerously Reckless, they tend to put themselves and everyone else in trouble.

    Step 3: Build You Protoform

    When a protoform is built it is usually with some purpose in mind. What was your character brought online for?


    Chassis is simply the size of you character.


    Is you character thin or Strong? Do they have alot of upgrades or take anything the elements throw at them?


    Step 4: Where were they built?

    There are many, many production facilities all over Cybertron, where did your character come online?

    The Matrix Facility:
    (+2 Courage) Some of the greatest Transformers of all time have come from this noble place, the Matrix Facility builds the greatest leaders of Robots.
    The Pitt: (+2 Firepower) The deadliest weaponry on cybertron is built in the Pitt. The Robots that come from here are rebellious and are unwilling to take orders.
    The Helix (+2 Strength): The Helix is a massive arena for gladiators to fight for the entertainment of others. It also has its own production facilities to make sure there are always more Gladiators for the masses to enjoy.
    New Iocon (+2 Endurance): Robots are built to last in Iocon.
    Cybertropalis (+2 Rank): The most heavily populated place on Cybertron, a Bot must be able to make it in this Bot eat Bot world.
    Delta Academy (+2 Skill): Delta Academy is the finest training facility on cybertron, that Bots the graduate from its extreme training program are always a notch above the rest.
    Moon Base 2 (+2 Intelligence): The place of Illegal experimenting on Protoforms, many of the scientist “experiments” escape from their labs.
    Vector Core (+2 Speed): The Vector Core Raceway is what all speedsters aspire to, however they stand little chance vs. the Bots built there.

    Step 5: Upgrades!

    A character can choose as many upgrades as they wish. These represent small tweaks the character has make to themselves or had done in a body shop.

    Warriors Oil: +1 Cour and Skill, -1 Int and Rank
    Doomed: +1 End and Fpr, -1 Rnk and Cor
    Gifted: +1 Int and Skl, -1 Str and End
    Armoured Chassis:+1 Str and End, -1 Spd and Fpr
    Extra Servos: +1 Str, -1 Frp
    Flight System: +1 Spd, -1 End
    Fast Processor: +1 Int, -1 Rnk
    Running Cold: -1 Spd and Rnk, +1 Int and Cor
    Craven: +1 Speed, -1 Cor
    Positive Programming: +1 rnk, -1 Str
    Insane: +1 Cor, -1 Int
    Over clocked Powerplant: +1 Spd and Fpr, -1 Str and End
    Clunky Design: +1 End, -1 Spd
    Slow Witted: +1 End, -1 Int
    Out of Date: +1 Skl, -1 Spd
    Energon Dampeners: -1 Frp, +1 Rnk
    Brute: +1 Str, spd, end, and fpr, -1 Int, rnk, cor, and skl
    Mini: -1 Str, spd, end, and fpr, +1 Int, rnk, cor, and skl
    Techno-organic: +1 Str and Spd, -1 End and Frp
    Minicon: -1 to all stats.
    Legendary: +1 to all stats.
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    Here is a couple of my fan characters made with this generator so you can get an idea of the finial result.

    Name: Razorclaw Alt-mode: Motorcycle
    Race: Predacon Gender: Female
    Programming: Rogue Defect: Error 401
    Protoform: Rugged Civilian Chassis: Light
    Function: Artist Built: Cybertropalis
    Upgrades: Clunky Design, energon dampeners

    Strength: 2
    Speed: 9
    Endurance: 8
    Firepower: 5
    Intelligence: 8
    Rank: 6
    Courage: 5
    Skill: 7

    Name: Legion Alt-mode: Car
    Race: Predacon Gender: Male
    Programming: Warrior Defect: Locked Down
    Protoform: Powerful Military Chassis: Medium
    Function: Special Op Built: Moon Base 2
    Upgrades: None

    Strength: 8
    Speed: 4
    Endurance: 3
    Firepower: 10
    Intelligence: 4
    Rank: 4
    Courage: 8
    Skill: 9
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    This is very, very, very cool, dude! I really like it, it's obvious you put a lot of thought into this.

    I think for alt modes, that you should do both of your ideas, have the alt-mode give a small boost, say +1 in one slot, but require a certain amount to take.

    As far as size goes, maybe have a couple stats, such as Strength and Endurace, that are lowered or increased based on the size. Such as:

    Small = Minus 1 in each, but plus 1 in speed, Medium = No change, Large = Plus 1 in each, but minus 1 in Speed.

    Keep up the awesome work!
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    Hey thanks, I should have mentioned before, a characters chassis is their size. A light chassis would be a basic character, while a medium would be deluxe and so on. So I do have a system in place, I'm just wondering if I should take it further.

    As for Alt modes, maybe we should get a list of em' going with their requirments and bonuses.

    Car: No bonuses, but no requirments.
    Truck: No bonuses, but no requirments.
    Van: No bonuses, but no requirments.
    Motorcycle: No requirements, -1 Endurance, +1 Speed.
    ATV: Must have a Str of 6 or more, +1 End
    Construction Vehicle: Must have a Str of 7 or more. +2 End, -1 spd
    Jet: Must have a frp and spd of 7 or more, grants ability to fly, weapons in vehicle mode.
    Light tank: Must have a Frp and Str of 6 or more, +1 End, Weapons in vehicle mode.
    heavy Tank: Must have a Frp and Str of 8 or more, +2 End, -1 Spd, weapons in vehicle mode.
    Helicopter: No requirements, -1 Endurance. grants Ability to fly.
    Armed Helicopter: Must have a frp of 6 or more, -1 Endurance. grants Ability to fly, weapons in vehicle mode.
    Weapon/turret: Must have a firepower of 6 or more.
    Spaceship: Must have a End and spd of 7 or more, +1 frp. grants ability to fly, weapons in vehicle mode.
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    Hey man, I know the thread is old, but I must say this is insanely cool. I love the setup. I'm actually making a Tech Spec Generator of my own here, maybe I can post it here when I'm done :) 
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    nice, But how does a 3+ changer work?