Ever dig through your old files and find stories you forgot you wrote?

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    I did and found two I forgot I was writing. Dunno if I ever even posted them.

    First one was a "serious" take on Transformers Animated. Storyline involved Optimus Prime discovering Elita-One was working with/for the Decepticons in an attempt to steal the AllSpark. He tries to turn her in but Ultra Magnus and the Autobot Council dispute Prime's claim, stating a lack of evidence and his inability to follow procedure (he left his post to investigate, something Sentinel Prime was quick to point out).

    He stumbles upon a ship preparing for take-off and inside is Elita-One, who is holding hostage the crew (Bulkhead, Scrapper, Mixmaster, Ratchet). Aboard the ship is the AllSpark. Optimus radios for back up but the ship takes off. His transmission is jarbled by the interference from the AllSpark, so all the Autobot Council gets is "This is Optimus Prime, I have...the AllSpark...send...quickly...too late!" ... Sentinel Prime flips out, calling him a traitor, as the ship takes off.

    The battle between Elita and Optimus damages the ship controls and Elita-One is sucked out of the ship and crashes through the atmosphere of an un-charted planet (Earth). The ship crashes and the AllSpark's energy covers the planet, bringing vehicles to life as new Transformers (Bumblebee's new origin is that he's the first Earth created Transformer).

    Scrapper and Mixmaster leave, determined to set up their own shop somewhere on the planet to build a new ship to get home. Bulkhead, Ratchet, and Optimus find Bumblebee and bring him back to their ship. They meet Prowl, a myserious ninja who stated he had snuck aboard the ship when he sensed a strong energy (AllSpark).

    Turns out Prowl is a hired "tracker" by Ultra Magnus, to keep an eye on Optimus Prime. Once they get their longrange communication restored, Prowl alerts the Elite Guard as to their location. Sentinel Prime arrives to arrest Optimus Prime, giving away Prowl as their hidden turncoat. Just as the events are to unfold, Starscream and a contingent of Decepticons (Blitzwing, Thundercracker, Skywarp) show up and attack the Autobots (tracking the AllSpark). The Primes join forces and once they repel the Decepticons, Ratchet "accidently" activates a spacebridge transport portal and sends Sentinel back to Cybertron. Prowl apologizes and acknowledges that he knows now that Optimus Prime is no traitor, but they ask who is.

    Optimus Prime, Prowl, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee agree that they need to find the AllSpark and clear Optimus Prime's name ... which means tracking down Elita-One somewhere on the planet.


    The other story is a whole new beginning to G1 Transformers ... featuring new origins for a cast of characters, but all I really got through was the introduction of "Streak" and "Fusion", two "cleric" type Transformers, as well as Megatron's origin and a teaser of who REALLY builds the Decepticon empire.

    Someday :) 

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    Found an almost finished BW/BM story about five Predacon crooks who are inspired by Megatron's recent theft of the golden disk, and in the chaotic wake of Megatron's departure, discover the information on the disk and plan to do what he was to do in season 1, but ended up on Earth during the events of the second season, but on the opposite side of the planet. (and tailed by a Maximal law enforcer) They leave only to return not long after Megatron has already conquered Cybertron and much like the Maximals later, resist, having arrived after the virus was implemented, thus they retain their beast modes and weapons. They are able to influence some events to, begrudgingly, safeguard the Maximals on their arrival. This is also my way of showing how Megatron came up with the 'weaponized' version of his virus in time for the Maximals' return. The whole point is to take these five, rather dispicable fellows and make them into somewhat noble-intentioned people, initially motivated by greed, but later by the love for their home.

    I think I might finish it.
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    sounds pretty good to me!
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    I have SEVERAL stories that I started involving my characters that I developed but didn't like how it was going.