Entire Classics Collection on Ebay, CHUG, 3rd party, computer control center and more

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    Hey all,
    Due to my impending move, as much as it pains me to do it, I am parting with my classics collection. Included are:

    Tracks (Generations has reprolabels), Prowl (has reprolabels), Bumblebee (forearms painted yellow, see pic), Sideswipe (has custom rifle and shoulder launcher), Jazz, Smokescreen (Henkei), Hound (henkei), Mirage (Henkei), Jetfire (Henkei), Perceptor (RTS), Kup (has BOTH IGear heads and original head, all included just not in picture), Ramjet (henkei), Dirge, Starscream, Thrust, Thundercracker, Skywarp (Has been customized to make him more cartoon-accurate. I got this figure in a trade adn he was in horrible shape, this was my attempt at fixing him, please see pic), Henkei Inferno (includes the extra gears of war upgradesm teh ladder and the hand blaster), United Grapple, ROTF Hoist, Henkei Streak / Bluestreak / Silverstreak, Classics Dragstrip (includes box, not in pic), Classics Ravage, Henkei Astrotrain, Music Label Soundwave (has reprolabels), G1 Buzzsaw, G1 Laserbeak, Classics Optimus Prime (has been very minorly customized to look like the cartoon) and Fansproject G3 Trailer. (includes the small extra weapons EXCEPT for the sword that is intended for Grimlock. The other weapons are all pcitreus with the other figures here). You also get the Igear Computer control center aka Autobot headquarters.

    ---->If anyone on here wins, let me know and I will include an extra figure and some comics as a gift. Take these off my hands and give them a good home.

    Massive Transformers Classics Collection | eBay

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