Non-TF: Elite Leo Squadron (1/144 HGAC Gunpla)

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    Figures I would put up one of my favorite Gundam projects I went under: making a fully original squadron of grunt pilots.


    These guys come from the Gundam Wing line, where grunt units look awesome but never had any custom mechs in the main animation. I just wanted to make a team of four who could go up against a title mech (and lose, but look cool doing it).

    Unit 0:
    The leader and standard/bearer, Unit 0 has a beam rifle taken from the old Leo action figures in the early 2000s. The bird sticker comes from a Tallgeese kit, and the flag was just paper taped to a model kit sprue.

    Unit 1:
    13147D98-8BEF-44C5-8CB4-74F9213FA2AD.jpeg 1EF288BB-BC6E-44E8-852C-2EF297D9373A.jpeg
    The aerial scout, with double machine guns to spray and pray while strafing the targets. The backpack comes from the same Leo action figures, and I was able to mod it to fit the kit without losing toy functionality.

    Unit 2:
    8256E0B1-6666-4A25-9416-18BF8CE06351.jpeg C0C9836D-DAD2-4958-ACB4-E4F89CCDEB93.jpeg
    The heavy weapons model. I was able to mod a Dobergun from an old Tallgeese model kit from 1995 to be shoulder mounted. The pistol also comes from the Mercurius kit from the same year, keeping both extra weapons in canon.

    Unit 3:
    9AECA19F-9CE4-441D-A506-4832CA93B127.jpeg 898781D2-72DF-46D1-9F76-C8E9130D1CE2.jpeg
    The Rookie, and experimental weapons lackey. He has what canon has called a laser rifle, but it is literally the Bullpup Machine Gun used by the Federation in UC Gundam. This one came from a Powered GM kit.

    So yeah. Not a lot of customization, but I feel they look awesome together.
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