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    TFW2005.com's Transformers On Ebay Forum - Rules

    This forum is designed to guide the 2005 community regarding Transformers products on Ebay.

    You may now post links to your seller account or to individual links. We prefer individual links, and you should too, because it allows the members to "click and go". However, if you are lazy :)  you may post a link to your ebay seller list. Just mention what you just put up or is new on your list.

    An alternative option is to enter your ebay username in your TFW2005 MEMBER PROFILE, and direct people to click the icon under your name. All other regular rules apply, read on below....

    In this forum, you may do the following:

    Post links to your auctions (see specific rules below).
    Post links to other auctions you find on ebay, and think are cool.
    Post secondary images to your auctions, using our attachment feature.
    Comment on the auctions that are linked to.
    Show off the auctions you won.
    Ask for thoughts on auctions you are bidding on (good price, coolness, etc).

    Occassionally an auction listed in this forum will be featured on our main page as an "Featured Ebay Auction". So if you have or know of cool product, make sure to list it in here so we can let the community know about it. Links to the auction and the sellers full listing will be featured.

    If we get complaints from members about sellers, we may have to restrict those sellers from posting in this forum. This is on a case by case basis.

    Forum is open to posting by all retailers and/or casual sellers, and to members for posting individual links. TFW2005 Membership is required to post.

    Rules for listing your auctions:

    You may create a master thread, and update it each time an auction is listed or ending. Preferably update the first post, then add a response post saying you did so.

    You may create individual threads for groups/rounds of listings.

    You may create individual threads for each item. If you have a lot, or always have something on ebay, we suggest you do one of the above instead. We may require you to do so if you flood the forum with tons of new threads each day.

    You may bump an already existing thread of yours if you add more items to your listings and want to list them too.

    You may bump an already existing thread of yours if an item in the thread is ending that day.

    You may only bump 1 time per day per thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.