Beyond Basics: Easy Guide To Making Custom Heads

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    DIY Mold (Quick and Dirty - The Amateur Way hehe)

    1. You'll need a robot head :) 
    2. Epoxy Putty like this or Tamiya etc.
    3. Just cut a big piece of the putty and mix it until the color is uniform white/yellow (depends)
    4. Take the head and put some liquid soap all over it
    5. Press it against the putty (clay)
    6. After a minute or once you feel the putty is hardening, try to pull out the head. If done correctly and patiently you'll get a mold of the head.
    7. Cut another piece of the putty and mix it.
    8. Take your new mold and fill it with soap again.
    9. Press the new putty against the mold
    10. When you feel the putty is hardening, slowly pull out the new puttty.
    11. Trim excess and add/sculpt additional/new details
    12. You will have a brand new head without spoiling the original :) 

    I'll try to add in more details next time :)  Hope this would help others out there

    NOTE: If your wondering why soap its to avoid the putty from sticking permanently to the original mold.

    You can repeat the whole steps for the back of the head and put them together. But I normally just hand sculpt the back since I don't find it necessary specially for transformers.

    Here are other heads I've done using this amateur technique :) 

    Original mold from an ALT Sideswipe
    Original mold from a Galaxy Force Megatron

    Original mold from a KO DeathSaurus

    Original mold from ALT Smokescreen

    Original mold from Robot Replica Bumblebee



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