By Generation: Easy Custom Animated Prowl Sword

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    This is an easy and v[Fery quick [way to make a] homemade weapon. I wanted a sword for Animated Prowl and thought of an idea. I was looking through my cards, and I thought those heavy top loader sleeves would be perfect. You can buy 'em in packs of 25 at K-Mart by the trading cards, or at a hobby shop that sells cards.

    Materials Needed:

    • Super Glue
    • 1 Top loader
    • Tin Snips
    • Large Scissors

    [First,] take your top loader:


    Cut out one of the sides with the tin snips, and cut off one of the end curves. Take your scissors and stroke . . . down the cut side, making it smooth:


    Chop up a piece of the plastic from the cover portion of the Top Loader that has the same width:


    Now super glue this nub to the curve-less end of the longer piece:


    It should now fit perfectly into Prowl's hands. You can paint it now, but I didn't want to. I like it clear, and it makes it look like an Energon blade:


    Remember: you can decide how long the handle portion is, [as] it depends on how long you cut the nub that attaches to the base.

    I really do recommend doing this; it looks really cool and it's easy. Anyone can do it.

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