Easter eggs in bumblebee

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    here’s some Easter eggs I found in bumblebee some of them might be a bit extreme but it’s always fun to speculate

    1. The G1 designs and cybertron: pretty obvious with the designs but cybertron has something significant the chunk of cybertron is ripped off

    2. The pretenders: there’s a poster on Charlie’s wall that says the pretenders

    3. Megatron: this might be a bit of a stretch but when soundwave appears you see him holding a gun that resembles g1 megatron or it might be a regular gun

    4. The marvel comics # 1-2 when spike or buster meets bumblebee in the garage

    5. The touch : that’s pretty obvious

    6. Agent simmons: pretty obvious

    7. The Camaro : again pretty obvious

    8. Judd Nelson: also pretty obvious

    9. Prime vs dreadwing: when shatter was about to kill bumblebee he shoots the dam which causes a flood similar to when dreadwing is about to kill Optimus he shoots a mountain which causes an avalanche

    10. Cliffjumper: gets cut in half just like in prime

    11: animated blitzwing: the decepticons in the movie have the same personality as all of blitzwing’s faces

    Shatter is the cold and calculating one
    Dropkick is the crazy one
    Blitzwing is the hot head

    12: transmutate: this one is a bit of a stretch but when blitzwing tells bumblebee that he’s gonna die screaming I think that’s a reference to transmutate dying

    13 : teletran 1: that’s pretty obvious

    14. When dropkick throws bumblebee it’s a reference to the g1 intro when skywarp throws jazz

    So are there any more Easter eggs

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    Some of these are true, in fact some are so obivous I don't think they can be called Easter eggs but instead just "references." An Easter egg is usually hard to find, not blatantly noticeable as part of the main plot, and some of these I just think are over-thought:

    The Pretenders are a real band. Not that this also couldn't be a reference but given Charlie's other musical tastes it seems more coincidental.

    It looks like a regular gun to me. Kinda reminds me of his TR gun, which was in turn Blaster's gun. If it had a stock I'd agree, but too many TF guns have long barrels and scopes.

    I don't think that's an Easter egg so much as just two battles using similar dramatic beats. The whole "hero misses but uh oh turns out he didn't but he was instead thinking ahead" trope is common.

    You'd think Dropkick would be the hothead one, and Blitzwing would be... well he's neither hotheaded nor crazy, he's just thuggish and cruel like your average Decepticon. Blitzwing's crazy personality was jovial and cartoonish. Nothing Dropkick did fits that personality, or would even to me seem "crazy" in any way.

    I don't think it is. "Die screaming" is, like, a thing. It refers to someone dying whilst, um, screaming. (implying they're either die suffering horrible pain or without dignity, standard villain trash talk) If anything it's a Furmanism, given how often he used that turn of phrase.
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    I took the moment where Shatter and Dropkick transform and run towards Bumblebee to be a reference to the G1 theme song. The fact that they're in a desert environment also helps.

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    Don't know if it's an Easter egg, but Starscream, Skywarp and Thrust all sport colour schemes close to their Unicron Trilogy selves.