Fan Art: Dzko's commision Thread

Discussion in 'Commissioner Listing and Feedback' started by TheDemonDzko, Jul 4, 2014.

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    Oct 9, 2008
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    Hi there guys.

    I'm low on dough... like painfully so.

    So, I figured if I do a couple drawings here and there, I can make ends meet. (Hopefully)

    That being said. If you would like to commission me to do art work. I'll be glad to do so.

    Roughly my prices are:

    Pencil + Digital Scan: $10

    Digital Drawing (Black and White): $8

    Pencil + INk + Digital Scan: $14

    Digital Drawing (Colored): $15

    Pixel Portrai: $3

    This being said, upon request any kind of physical copied item (The pencil drawings) I can have those sent out to you on a standard paper format. Though generally they are going to come directly from my sketch-pad-of-awesome.

    If you want to hire me for some work, just message me. Or contact me on skype at TheDemonDzko