DX9 Tyrant, Mightron,TFC Snaptrap, MP Shockwave, MMC Hexatron

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    Early spring cleaning. All are shipping included prices shipping via international priority from south korea. I like to price low despite figures being in MIB condition. Id rather sell low than not at all to make room and fund other purchases.

    I have very positive feedback for multiple transactions over the years left as visitors messages on my profile page. Please take a look.

    PM me for any more info.

    1. DX9 Tyrant - 75 shipped SOLD
    No box, no matrix. Immaculate condition. Transformed several times

    2. DX9 Mightron - 85 shipped SOLD
    Box, accessories and immaculate condition. Snipped a peg for the barrel transformation. Too tight and absolutely unnecessary so i removed it cleanly. Its hidden in all modes.

    3. TFC Snaptrap - 85 shipped SOLD
    A bit of a story on this one but never transformed all accessories MIB.

    4. MP Shockwave - 85 shipped SOLD
    Have 2 of these and was real excited but meh once purchased. Selling my backup copy, perfect condition MIB.

    5. MMC Hexatron Continuum - 65 shipped STILL AVAILABLE
    Hanzos out so this guy must go. MIB but i think i lost i structions.
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    PM'd about MP Shockwave