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    I have come to a point in my life where I need to reorganize. With having a baby and buying everything that my daughter need, my wife and I ran up some serious credit card debt which is gonna take a long time to pay off. So I have decided that I will sell about 50% of my collection to pay some of our debt off. All items are factory sealed unless noted. Shipping will be base off of where you live. The more you purchase I can work a deal out with you. Buyers are responsible to shipping and insurance extra only if you need it. Prices are not set in stone I am willing to negotiate but no low ball offers please. I am using this money to get out of major credit card debt. Paypal required for payment only. For my protection and yours. Sorry no exceptions.

    All items will be shipped priority mail with insurance for both of our protection. No low ball offers please. I am trying to get out of serious credit card debt.

    Transformer Name Series Asking price

    Rodimus Prime Alternators $45.00 Box partly crushed in back figure not effected.
    Smokescreen Alternators $20.00 Opened
    Hound Alternators $25.00 Broken Door
    Side Swipe Commerative $30.00
    Hot Rod Titanium $12.00
    Hot Rod Titanium $12.00

    Smokescreen Revenge of the Fallen $15.00
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