DragonPrime120's 2016 Sales Thread

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    Hello guys! New year, new stuff to sell. Check back periodically, as more stuff gets added. All prices include shipping, and all figures are complete unless noted otherwise.

    As for things I'm actively pursuing and would love to trade for, here are my


    1. Takara MP-10 Optimus Prime
    2. Takara MP-13 Soundwave
    3. Takara MP-12 Lambor
    4. KFC Toys Transistor / Blaster
    5. Takara or Hasbro MP-17 Prowl
    6. Takara MP-21 Bumblebee or MP-21G Gold Bumblebee
    7. Apple iMac G4 (Sunflower iMac)
    8. Apple iPod Classic
    9. Apple iPad 2
    10. Fallout 4 PS4

    Here are my items I currently have for sale:

    Hasbro Combiner Wars:

    1. Deluxe Brawl: comes complete with gun, handfootgun, and comic. He is in amazing condition, only transformed a few times. Arm is loose. $12 shipped.

    2. Deluxe Swindle: complete with gun, combiner piece, and comic. Tight joints. $12 shipped.

    3. Deluxe Vortex: immaculate paint, very tight joints, complete with gun, combiner piece, and comic. $12 shipped.

    4. Deluxe Blast-Off: great condition, complete with gun, combiner piece, and comic. $12 shipped.

    Black Series Force Awakens:

    1. 6" Kylo Ren, includes lightsaber and box, tight joints. $16 shipped.

    Tech and misc.:

    1. Beats by Dre Grey Studio wired headphones: amazing condition, only worn a few times for about a week. Genuine. Perfect sound quality, includes box an d still-wrapped cords. $205 shipped.

    2. Apple Wireless Keyboard (2011 Model): Great condition, clean keys, and no damage. Works fantastic, new batteries. $35 shipped.

    3. Lego Dimensions PS4 Starter Pack: Only played a few times, batmobile is missing one wheel (arrived like this, contacting lego support will have the piece sent to you), but the set is otherwise complete. $55 shipped.
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    Is the combiner wars blastoff still available?