Double Your Action Giveaway Questions?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by lostnfound, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Can anyone confirm if pccs, hftd, or generations are eligible? If so then ive got receipts for those up the wazoo!! I've seen a lot of post about maybe this and that, but nothing for certain.

    Also, can you combine recepits to meet the $25?
    Like say I have a receipt for $10 from one store and a receipt for $15 from another, can I send them both in to meet the $25 and get the free figures?

    And last but not least, it might be a dumb question, but does tax count towards the $25? or is it just the grossed total for the figures themselves w/out tax?

    Any info will definitely help. Especially someone whos gotten their figs already and has first hand experience.
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    Hmm, I have some questions too

    Where are the locations of the people who've recieve their figures already?

    Will they still send you figures if you added a list of figures you want in the envelop,, which can't possibly be sent since it's random? I'd be ok with random figures

    Has anyone gotten any emails from Hasbro after sending in the receipts?

    What does the Box the figures are sent in look like?
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    The email i got from hasbro said it had to be ROTF figures only , but i sent in a receipt that had only one ROTF figure and 2 Animated figures and i still got 3 free figures today. They do not say on the site or on the order form that they have to be ROTF so i think they realised they screwed up and are giving them away to anyone lol..
    You can combine receipts as long as both receipts add up to 25$ or more in products. if you have 50$ worth of stuff you can print 2 forms and mail them in together also since you qualify for more then one set of free figures. Hasbro also told me this, you can mail in as many forms as you need to in the same envelope as long as you got the receipts to qualify you for each 3 figure sets.
    TAX does not count in the 25$ total though sorry .

    Im in NJ and just got mine today. You can not request the figures you want. Its a random pack and and packed very well either. Mine were crammed into a small brown box and the bubbles crushed lol..

    Hope that helps you guys, Mail those receipts in you only have till the 30th i believe..