By Generation: DotM Voyager Megatron Leg Height Modification

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    So, DOTM Megatron is a great toy, and his best alt mode of the series.

    However, he's a little short.

    I'm in the process of painting mine, but I thought I'd share this.

    This is what I'm using as a reference point:


    First thing's first: you have to disassemble Meg's upper legs. There are two screws. Take them both out. Now, at the top, there's a pin. You don't have to disassemble the whole thing or pop the pin out, just remove the part that has the wheels attached to it. I used a small screwdriver.

    Now, you should see Megatron's two leg/hip hinges. Right now, they have about a 90 degree range of motion. When we're done, it should be in the neighborhood of 135-145 degrees.

    This is what I'm talking about:


    Shave down the downward facing corners. For reference, the side with the recessed hole faces his back, so you want to shave the part that faces down. The modified one is on the left; the unmodified one is on the right:


    Now, that's not all we're going to do. If you look at the inside of the part that attaches to the hip, you'll notice that it's mounted on a sliding track. Well, with a quick modification, we can make it possible for these to slide again. [This gives] Megs a little extra height and a wider stance, since we're decreasing his stance with the first part.

    Here's the finished product. Modified on the left; unmodified on the right:


    On the inside of the part with the wheels, there's a black piece attached to the wheels. When the wheels are folded up, part of that sticks out into the track, preventing it from moving. We're going to remove that. Fold up the wheels so the black plastic piece is extended. Cut it flush with the surrounding plastic.





    And [now we are] all finished! This should add about a half inch to Megatron and make him (I think) slightly more screen accurate!

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