Don't Leave Me Alone

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    This story has been on my mind for a very long time... possibly two years... maybe even more. My muse was on fire as I was writing it out and I was determined to finish these chapters as quickly as possible.

    No, it's not G1, but there are lots of G1 and UT references, even though this is set in the Movieverse. You'll be surprised at what I added. Rejoice and see if you can spot some of them.

    And no, there is no ROTF. I'm pretending that did not even happen, and neither with the comics. I loved the comics, even though I have not read them, but I thought it would be best to have this set in the '07'verse and have an origin of my own as well as units of time.

    Rating: T for violence and swearing, including TF swearing in future chapters.

    Units of Time
    Astrosecond = 0.25 of a second
    Nano-klick = 1 second
    Klick = 1 minute
    Breem = 1 hour
    Jour = 1 day (24 Breems)
    Deca-Cycle = 1 week (7 Jours)
    Vorn = 1 month (30/31 Jours)
    Orn = 1 Year (12 Vorns)



    My body trembled violently as my mother clutched me tightly to her chest, turning my head away from the horror that was taking place before us. All around us, we could hear laser fire and gunfire, shouting and insults. Metal was crunching and grounding together as bodies clashed with one another, glass clattering to the ground, and dirt spewing into my optics, blinding me several times and I had to blink away some of the dirt to clear my vision.

    “It’s going to be alright, my sweetspark,” mother whispered to me, her voice soothing and gentle as she petted my head. I then felt a wave of love flow through our bond and I recognised that the love was coming from her. I sent her my love in return – strong, eager, and warm.

    All I could do was nod in response as she spoke, despite my fear.

    All around us, the mature Autobot mechs and femmes were firing at a group of lumbering Decepticons, who were attempting to surround us. The Autobots were doing their best to prevent them breaking the force field that an Autobot named Trailbreaker was keeping up. Even though I was young, I could see that he could not keep it forever. The mech was straining, energon beads dripping down his forehead, and steam was escaping from his joints.

    To our right, a magnificent sight awaited us. The starship cruiser known as the Astraios sat there with several Autobots who were also providing cover fire for the femmes and younglings as they came few at a time to get onboard the ship. Some of the femmes were reluctant to leave because their sparkmates were still there, but the mechs would have none of it.

    Suddenly, I heard a cry of agony, and I managed to catch a glimpse of Trailbreaker as the force field started flashing on and off. He was on one knee, and there was a gaping hole in his right calf. I wailed in protest, but mother turned my head away, trying to prevent me from seeing what was happening.

    “Hold the line as long as possible!” someone shouted. “We Autobots will never give the Decepticons the satisfaction of winning! We will triumph!”

    “Yes, sir!” the others responded, encouraged by those words.

    And then the lead Autobot, my father, came running up. He was covered in massive battle scars from fights long in the distant past, but there were fresh wounds all over them, reopening some of the old scars that decorated his chest and abdomen. He looked tired from fighting for so long, but it quickly disappeared behind an emotionless look. But I could sense his despair, and he quickly hid it away from me and mother.

    “Scattershot,” mother whispered softly, “he can’t keep it up for much longer can he?” She then pointed at Trailbreaker, who was struggling to get back up onto his feet.

    My father shook his head sadly. “No, Crossblades, he cannot,” he sighed and he looked down at me, a small smile coming to his lips. “It would seem that this will be our last stand.”

    Mother’s shoulders seemed to slump. “I understand, love,” she said, her optics casting down on me.

    I didn’t understand what they were talking about. All I could sense was their deep love that they had for me. I sent them mine to show how much they meant to me. I knew I was too young to understand what all the grownups were saying, but I had the distinct feeling that they were hiding something from me.

    Father then turned to the group of Autobots who were providing cover fire, and called, “Hot Shot! Front and centre!”

    Several klicks later, my elder brother arrived on the scene. His proud yellow and red armour was dented in several places with a few scorch marks here and there. But he didn’t seem bothered by the fact that he was injured. He placed loving hand upon my head to give me reassurance and a swift wave of love flowed through as well. It wasn’t as strong as mother’s or father’s love because I rarely saw Hot Shot, but it was enough to give me some encouragement.

    “What is it, father?” Hot Shot asked, turning to father.

    Father lowered his gaze for a moment and he cast his optics over to the battlefield where the Decepticons were pushing hard on the force field that Trailbreaker was struggling to keep up. But it was fading fast and I could sense father’s faith was crumbling. Even mother seemed to sense it too.

    Without warning, father turned and picked me up. I was shocked by this gesture as he rarely did this to me. The only time he ever hugged me or picked me up was when mother wasn’t around. He had always been too busy to spend time with me, but I knew that he loved me very much. He always showed it by sending his love to me and telling me over our bond of how he was proud of both me and my brother and that he always loved me, no matter what.

    “Remember my son,” he whispered to, although I could almost barely hear him over the sounds of clashing, “I want to be brave for me, no matter what happens. Be a good little mech for Hot Shot, and grow up tall and strong like me and your mother, alright?”

    I didn’t understand why he was talking like this, but I nodded anyway. “Yes, father.”

    Father nodded, kissed me on the forehead, and handed me over to mother, who cradled me tightly to her chest. She kissed me as well. “Remember us, my son,” she told me. “Remember the Autobot cause and remember it well.”

    “I promise,” I reply innocently.

    Then mother reluctantly handed me over to Hot Shot, and she kissed me one more time on the head. Both she and father sent me their love once again and I embraced it with everything I had.

    “Aren’t you coming with us, father?” Hot Shot asked, looking up at father.

    Father seemed to smile and shake his head.

    Hot Shot turned to mother. “Mother?”

    Mother shook her head as well, her smile sad. “No my son. We Autobots must hold the line as long as possible. We’ll distract the Decepticons long enough to allow you, your brother, and the others to board the Astraios and get out of here while you still can.”

    “No...” Hot Shot muttered underneath his breath.

    I was confused by all of this. What were mother and father trying to say? Why weren’t they coming with us? Didn’t they love us anymore? Didn’t they care about us?

    I struggled in Hot Shot’s grasp, trying to get to mother, but she stood back a bit until she was standing by father’s side, the sad smile turning into a smile of love and affection that she always had for me. I tried to go to father, but father frowned and pushed my love away from me, rejecting it.

    “Daddy!” I cried. “I don’t want to leave you!”

    “Sir, I can’t keep this up much longer!” Trailbreaker’s voice called.

    “We’ll be there in a few nano-klicks, Trailbreaker!” father called.

    “Please, father!” Hot Shot cried, attempting to be near father. “I want to stay with you to protect my people!”


    Hot Shot stumbled backwards in surprise, clutching his left cheek where father had struck him. I had never seen father hit any of us before. The only ones he ever hit were the Decepticons to protect us. I could see the look of fury, love, and determination in his optics, and I sensed that he had hit my brother for the benefit of us all.

    “There is no more time, Hot Shot!” father growled, glaring at him. “You must do whatever it takes to protect your brother and the Autobot cause! No matter what happens, let no harm come to him. You and your brother are the last of our line and we cannot afford to let you put aside your family just for the sake of our lives!”

    “Scattershot, everyone’s onboard now!” a voice called from the Astraios.

    “Acknowledged, Bluestreak.”

    “But...” Hot Shot started.

    “Go!” mother snarled. “Take your brother and go!”

    I wailed loudly, trying desperately to get to my mother and father, but again, they rejected my love. For the first time in my life, I realised what they were doing. I tried again to get away from my brother’s arms, but he was too strong for me. No matter how hard I tried, I could never overcome the sense of fear that was overwhelming my senses.

    Nodding, my brother turned and raced towards the group, holding me as tightly as he could to his chest. I could sense his sadness and I could sense his reluctance to leave our home and our creators. But he had little choice, and neither did I.

    One of the Autobots lifted an optic ridge as he watched us approach. But all my attention was focused on reaching out to my mother and father through our bond, but they were still rejecting me, making me even more confused and even more afraid than ever.

    “Trailbreaker!” I heard father’s voice call. “Go with Hot Shot! You’ve done all that you could.”

    “Yes, sir!” Trailbreaker’s voice replied, and I heard the pounding of an extra pair of feet following us. I looked back to see the black mech following Hot Shot.

    “You’re all that’s left to board the ship, you two,” said Bluestreak as Hot Shot and Trailbreaker ran up the ramp.

    “Close the door, Bluestreak!” Hot Shot ordered. “I don’t want my little brother to see this.”

    “He’s your little brother?” Bluestreak asked, surprised, as he did what Hot Shot ordered, closing the door behind us. “But what about your creators? Aren’t they coming too?”

    Hot Shot shook his head sadly, but he said nothing to tell Bluestreak what our creators were really going to do. From what they had said earlier, the last remaining Autobot warriors were going to hold the line as long as possible and provide cover fire for the Astraios as she took off.

    I screamed again, trying desperately to search out for my creators. Bluestreak and Trailbreaker looked on with worry, but they moved away to give us some alone time to ourselves. Even as I screamed, I sensed a familiar wave flow through me. I happily accepted it and sent my love back to them, telling them how much I loved them and that they meant so much to me.

    ‘Be brave for us my son,’ mother’s voice whispered. ‘Remember what we told you? You must do whatever it takes to ensure that you live. You and your brother are the last of our family. As long as we exist in your memories, we will live on.’

    ‘Mother...’ I cried softly, tears welling up in my optics.

    ‘Look after yourselves my sons,’ father’s voice called gently, his love strong and everlasting. ‘Beware of Megatron’s evil schemes and look after each other. You and the ship are our last hope.’

    ‘Father...’ I heard Hot Shot’s voice choked.

    ‘We love you.’

    And then I could no longer sense them as they had completely blocked us out to what they were doing.

    The starship’s thrusters began to hum. It grew louder, and louder, and soon I could barely eve hear Hot Shot’s voice. Hot Shot carried me over to a seat and sat down, cradling me close to his chest. I shivered as I buried my head into his shoulders, trying desperately to stop the tears from falling. But I couldn’t help it. My wails eventually grew louder as the ship began to move, lifting up off the ground and then her thrusters ignited into full throttle.

    “Hot Shot...” I whimpered.

    “Shh, little brother,” Hot Shot said softly, kissing me on the head. “We’ll be ok. Mother and father know what they are doing. Trust them. Trust them with all your spark and pray to Primus that they will be spared.”

    I knew Hot Shot doubted what he was saying because of his voice. It was choking again and I saw the tears coming into his optics. I mourned with him, knowing the full extent of the possibilities that there was no hope of seeing our home planet or our creators again. But what mother said long ago rang true in my processor: “For as long as hope exists, the Autobots will go on fighting til their sparks are extinguished.”

    Finally, the ship took off and I felt my tanks churn. I struggled to contain my insides, doing my best to not purge my tanks. But all the while, Hot Shot continued to hold me tight, petting me, kissing me, telling me how much I meant to him and that he’ll never leave my side no matter what happened. I accepted his love, even though I could barely sense it. But I knew that within time, our bond will reconnect again.

    Then Hot Shot screamed in agony, clutching his chest, and I soon followed in suit. I convulsed violently, twitching, screaming, and crying out for mother and father. Hot Shot crumpled to the ground, but he never let me go.

    “Red... Alert...” Hot Shot gasped, still clutching his chest and still holding me tight.

    I was feeling something tugging at my spark. Pulling it until I thought it was going to break in half. I wasn’t sure what was wrong, but I could still just barely sense the presence my mother and father. My spark stretched so far that it hurt so much and I thought for sure that it was going to be ripped to pieces.

    Then finally... there was nothing.

    The doors to the control room opened and a blue and white mech came running in. He rushed over to our side and felt Hot Shot’s chest. “You’re going into spark shock!” he cried. “You need to have a sedative.”

    “Spark... shock?” Hot Shot asked, his chest heaving in great gasps.

    The mech shook his head as he took out a syringe. “I’ll start with your little brother. It’s the only way to spare him the agony that he’s already in.” I tried to fight him off as best as I could as I kept on screaming for my mother and father. But I couldn’t sense them anymore. Almost like as if they had been pulled out of existence.

    Eventually, the mech grabbed my arm a little roughly and injected me with the clear stuff in the syringe. I screamed again. The pain was pure, white hot agony that seemed to spread through my chest to my entire little body. I kept on trying to fight off the injection. But in the end, all I found was blistering darkness.

    But before I was completely knocked out, I screamed for my creators again.

    Mother! Father!
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    A pretty good beginning to your story SP..but a lot of tragedy and pain as usual with the Bot and Con wars..and sadly too many go offline...ready for your next chapter :popcorn 
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    Ah, but there is a point to all of this tragedy in this story.

    I'm glad that you were first to review it. XD It gives me courage to write more! Thanks, mpl! You're one in a million!