Customs: Do-it-yourself (extremely) simple combiners.

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Gilgamesh, Aug 2, 2010.

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    Well, I have had this idea swirling around since some time... It's a really simple concept so it might be almost insulting to the real radicons out there. I would do this myself to see if it works but I don't have the necessary figures or money at the moment to acquire the materials, but it's real simple.

    See, I was inspired by the Power Core combiners aspect of 1 scout body and Legends size limbs (I also drew inspiration from the great legends-sized ROTF devastator), and i played around with my only scout figure (Ejector). I configured him into a pretty neat Torso mode, with upper arms and legs... Then I took my only legedns figure (ROTF Brawl), and noticed that legends, in their simplicity, really lend themselves to alternative transformations, such as legs and arms (I got two different "leg modes" out of Brawl, both looked quite good)... So I thought, hey, if I had some way of easily putting them together, and had more limb figures and bodies, you could make some decent combiners without any modding at all!

    I needed something to make the joints, then I saw some leftover Twist Ties from some figure I bought recently... and it works pretty well, since the figures involved are small, you can arrange a short twisty tie so it provides the joint and articulation.

    I really would like to share some pictures, but I only have made a simple one-legged torso, but if you happen to have many scouts and legends (and some twist ties), I think you could come up with simple, yet good-looking small combiners. Of course, they wouldn't be masterpieces like our resident Radicons build, but from the simple torso with one leg that i have, I'm guessing there's plenty of experimentation to do.

    I wanted to share this in case anyone wants to try it and has more parts than I do. It's not an original idea at all so I'm not taking credit for it (somebody HAS to have thought of this before). As soon as I have 4 legends and one good scout, I might try to complete one to see if it looks as good as I imagine it!
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    do it!
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    Damn, i came in this thread hoping to find something helpful for big combiners. Damn.

    But on topic, i wish you luck, though twist tie Combiners? If you say so, but i have suspicions regarding it's poseability and durability.