Illustrations/Digital Models: Digibashing - Removing and Adding Faction Symbols

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    1. Use the clone stamp to wipe out the shoulder's Decepticon logo. Trial and error this part.

    2. Find a good Autobot logo. Remove any background it may have using either the Magic Wand tool or Polygonal Lasso tool, playing with the anti-aliasing and Refine Edge button to get clean edges.

    3. Once you've isolated the Autobot logo, select the whole thing using the Magic Wand tool. This'll give you an Autobot-shaped outline.

    4. Once you have the outline, position the outline over the shoulder, and copy+paste from the stock image itself. You can discard the actual logo layer.

    5. Apply a blending option to this new layer, which right now should look just like an Autobot-outlined chunk of silver shoulder. Check off Color Overlay in the Blending Options, and apply a red color. Use the drop-down menu to see which Blend Mode works best. I think I used "Overlay" for the image above.

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