3D Artwork: Devil NAVI

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    This one's a commission for our local Radicons patron, Destrongerlupus. He requested a toy to be made of "Catherine" (aka DNAVI) and this is the end result. I had to make a few changes, both for practicality and to make sure Hasbro don't come bashing down my door, so i had to remove the...um, in the words of Destrongerlupus, the "goggle-bra-straps" are gone. Don't have half a clue who's idea it was to put those on her in the first place, but it's an accurate description nonetheless. :rolleyes2 

    Since i didn't want to have her like a fly in a science lab (i.e. speared by the stand), she actually plugs into her stand by way of her tail. I like to think of it as her tail being a futuristic ribbon cable, so she can literally plug into ships. Think a moodier, bitchier version of Megaman. :lol 

    She's on Shapeways now. I'll release her for sale as soon as i get the final details worked out with D/L. Not sure if he wants everyone to get it, or just for me to show off the render here for bragging rights. :lol  My copy's already on the way to production, i can't wait for mine to get here!



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    Cannot wait to get a print and do her up in color. Once or my favorite characters from one of my favorite TF series.

    As for her eyes being a bra, complete with straps, let's not forget that this is the same culture who's brought us characters named things like "Bloomer" "Trunks" "PantyHose" and so on. The Japanese aren't scared of putting underwear jokes into kids' programs!

    I'm going to make a few mods to mine once I get her, to bump up the show-accuracy, but I really appreciate what TSA1 did here!

    Once we get the details worked out, I do hope that you'll release her for public consumption, I know that I'm not the ONLY Neo fan in the fandom, but there certainly aren't many of us either :lol