Devastator 2.0

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    THIS IS IN G1 TIME This is only the beggining of my story, devastator 2.0, if people like it, i will continue, if not leave feedback!
    *Key* Also, i am open to any sugestions and ideas!


    (In the autobot base)
    P- Autobots, transform and rollout!

    Nar- The autobots have just dicovered that Ratchet has been kidnaped by the decepticons.

    P- When we get to the decepticons, follow the plan as we have discussed. We can't afford to loose another comrad.

    Nar- Autobot Ratched must have been captured for interigation, but why?

    P- Ok, as we have discussed, the constructicons have been destroyed, so we have no problems of Devastator. Hound, you will go in as bait, if you can, try to find out exactly where they are holding Ratchet captive, once they have spoted you, and they will, make your way back out here were we will be.

    H- Yes Prime

    P- The rest of you, prepare for battle.

    (Hound enters)

    H- Hound to Prime, Hound to Prime. (Its dark, and ominus, why would prime pick me for this mission?)

    P- Come in Hound.

    H- I'm in the base.

    P- Ok, we are guessing that htey are keeping Ratchet in the lower part of the HQ, but not shure, check there first soldier.)

    H- I'll get moving.

    (Hound walks along a tedious hall, then finally comes across a staircase going downward.)

    H- This must be the way.

    (He goes down, it leads to a large room where to his surprise, there is a meeting of some sort accuring.)

    M- Decepticons!

    (Crowd yells in confirmation.)

    M- The autobots thought they had crippled the mighty decepticons by destroying devastator! Well they have no Idea what we have planned for them!

    (Hound notices that lazerbeak is patrolling the area.)

    H- Better get moving before i'm seen.

    SW- Return Lazerbeak.

    (lazerbeak pirches himself on soundwaves arm.)

    SW- As I thought, an autobot.

    SHW- Have you found something Soundwave?

    S- Autobot interfearence.

    SHW- Nice, I hade a plan for this...

    (Shockwave looks at Skorpinok)

    SHW- Prepare for the intruder Skorpinok!

    SC- Excelent.


    (Hound keeps wondering downward looking for a way to Ratchet, when he comes to an obtuse door.)

    H- Hound to Prime

    P- Shhh---sh--shhhhhhh- (static keeps coming through the speaker.)

    H- DAMN! No signal!

    H- I guess i'll keep moving.

    (Only to his shock, Skorpinok is waiting for him when he opens the last door he may ever open.)

    To be continued.
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