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    I've been obsessed over how HasLab Unicron could have been done better ever since we first saw it. While 3rd party Zeta's Unicron has much to be desired (especially in planet mode), the ingenuity in integrating the alt mode is something to be inspired by.

    I've been going over a number of options as far as transformation and alt mode part integration, seeing what compromises would have to be made for each one, wondering what would be most valuable to customers in terms of transformation accuracy.

    A number of things to consider:
    • ring/wing transformation
    • silver shell integration into torso armor (obvious)
    • possibility of silver shell integration into feet (requiring him to do the splits in transformation. conflicts with north/south ring pole extending below surface.)
    • non-silver shell integration into leg armor (obvious)
    • integrating orange circles on side into shoulder
    • integrating more of the orange circle on back into forearms
    • how to hide the equator spikes
    • hiding the planet mouth in the torso
    • accuracy of leg transformation (accurate, HasLab legs parallel, or doing splits Zeta style and potentially risking an awkward reveal of his crotch when his arms unfold)
    • whether to attempt to make the planet horns be the robot helmet horns (requires a lot of fancy transformation with horns and head)
    With that said, I present a solution to the ring/wing transformation.
    haslab-unicron new planet.jpg haslab-unicron new robot.jpg
    We go with something similar to Armada Unicron only using 2 fingers with the ring, but the 3rd and shortest wing finger (colored lime green) is stored inside the planet shell. It can have a sharper curve and/or fold in 1 or 2 places to fit.
    It only needs to double-up on the 1st length of the wing base (both halves colored magenta), and extend past the next joint to clip onto the 2nd length above (colored cyan) before extending down in the opposite direction.
    In all my musings on this issue, I was greatly concerned over the length of the wing fingers, as anything that eliminates the extra parts on the HasLab version needs to be made up elsewhere, and the mere act of setting the length of each finger starting at the top, instead of part-way down and just pretending to join at the top, meant EVERY finger became significantly shorter, especially if I had to do it for more than 1 finger. Proving it all out in an image editing program really put that to rest.
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