Depths of Iacon.

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    From the Reinvention thread
    This story, like my other will be sporadically updated, the first few will be characters and history of this version of Cybertron. Without further ado TEAM PROWL!

    Prowl: Chief, The experienced one of the team. Prowl's seen it all, the heyday of Clench's Mafia, Flame's "Slaughterhouse" (a horrible affair, might be explored one day), he even fought in The Quintessa War. Nowadays he leads the Iacon Police Department, following in the steps of Thunderclash. He's become a mentor to Nightbeat but he can be a little bit of a prick sometimes.

    Nightbeat: Criminal Investigation, Been there for a while and has some experience but doesn't know everything just yet about the seedy underbelly of the planet he lives on.

    Punch: Espionage, Joined around the same time as Nightbeat, they've been best friends ever since. He has a knack for getting info most would deem impossible. It's rumored that he and the gangster Counterhit are somehow related. Some think they're brothers others think they're the same person.

    Strongarm: Rookie/Beat, The newest recruit to I.C.P.D. has a tenacious attitude and puts the law above almost everything else. This occasionally gets in the way of her and others police work because of her almost fetishitic adherance to rules.

    Stakeout: Stakeouts/Beat, Overzealous and showoff-y he tends to break the rules...a lot. This usually gets him in trouble with Prowl and has caused a rivalry between him and Strongarm to happen.

    Rook: Swat and Ops Planning, A big lug of a bot with a spark of gold he has an extensive knowledge of military tactics from when he served during The Quintessa War. He uses the planning skills from there to plan Sting operations and raids. He has giant gauntlets to tear through defenses and barricades.

    Barricade: Beat, Prowl's cousin who joined the I.C.P.D. after seeing all the fame he got. A gruff jerk, he's barely welcomed by the others of Team Prowl. He does have some good traits though, he's a master of hand to hand combat and brutally honest almost to a fault.

    Cliffjumper: "Negotiation" and Interrogation,
    Most certainly the aggressive one on Team Prowl. He's even worse than Barricade. He usually handles the questioning of perps but occasionally does the negotiating when it comes to hostage situations alongside Prowl.

    Perceptor: Forensics and Overwatch, Perceptor is the clear, cool headed member of the team. He studies the bodies brought in by the team and identifies anything out of place. He also is the team sniper watching from above in case things go south.
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