DeNA Tokyo 2019 Transformers Promotion

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    I've just become aware that in March-April 2019 DeNA Games Tokyo was doing a crossover event linked to Transformers 36th anniversary using 5 of their games.

    If you want to check out one of the sources: トランスフォーマー35周年記念展覧会×DeNA Games Tokyo コラボレーション企画「QRコードラリー」を取材 – Sp!cemart News

    An automatic translation of the most intriguing part:
    The official website of this promotion is gone and finding any visual information is hard. The first game at least has a Twitter account, which shows enough, the third is represented by one screenshot, but everything else is currently a complete mystery.

    So, has anybody seen anything about this promotion before and does anybody have an idea where to find more on it?

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