[DECKLIST WIP] Build 'Em Up, Burn 'Em Down

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    This is a work in progress right now, but it's more or less a functional deck.

    My favorite character in Wave 1 was Inferno, for his insane stats and useful alt mode flip ability. So when I saw Grapple, I knew they would pair together great thematically. My main aim is to create a competitively functional deck with lots and lots of double pips. That's why there are 3 Roll Outs, 3 Matrixes, and 1 Recon System: It's all the B/O cards I could put in.

    3x Escape Route
    3x Focus Fire
    1x Marksmanship
    1x Master Plan
    1x Rapid Conversion
    3x Secret Dealings
    1x Smelt
    3x Roll Out!
    1x Tackle

    3x Attack Drone
    2x Backup Beam
    1x Body Armor
    1x Cooling Vents
    3x Data Pad
    1x Erratic Lightning
    1x Handheld Blaster
    1x Improvised Shield
    3x Matrix Of Leadership
    2x Noble's Blaster
    2x Piercing Blaster
    1x Power Sword
    1x Recon System
    1x Sparring Gear

    If you guys can think of any useful modifications, please let me know!
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    Interesting idea. I get that you want those sweet abilities to activate. I feel like you don't have enough card draw in your deck to fuel grapples discard ability. I would drop the three focus fires for backup plans or incoming transmissions. Smelt seems redundant with Inferno's ability, if you're activating it often enough you won't really get the opportunity to use smelt.I would also drop tackle, you don't want to tap Grapple just to tap another character. Attack drone can be replaced by leap into battle and be much more effective.

    If you want to be competitive, I don't think you want to be running so many 1 of's in general. If the card is good, run x2 or x3 (unless you just have 1 left to hit 40) otherwise there is probably a better card to play. Sparring gear gets you one more color than body armor and you can pick up off a flip, I'd run x2 than x1 body armor. I would run grenade launcher over erratic lightning and I'd put 3 of them.