DECKLIST: Dorkwings v0.1

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    I had the seeds for this laid back in wave 2, but it's been modified with wave 3 cards. It could absolutely serve to be optimized, but it was made just with cards I had on hand

    Blackwing - Aerial Attacker
    Dreadwind - Air Defense
    Thrust - Supersonic Interceptor

    Aerial Recon 1x
    Armed Hovercraft 3x
    Data Pad 1x
    Energon Axe 3x
    Grenade Launcher 3x
    Cooling Vents 3x
    Evasive Maneuvers 2x
    Mining Pick 1x
    Power Punch 1x
    Basic Combat Protocol 2x
    Metal Detector 2x
    Point-Defense System 2x
    Reflex Circuits 1x
    Urban Camo 2x

    Battle Ready 3x
    Equipment Enthusiast 3x
    New Designs 2x
    Treasure Hunt 2x
    Steamroll 1x
    Bolster 2x

    The 3 goals of this deck are:
    - Form Dreadwing on Turn 2 with little damage
    - Get Dreadwing and Thrust upgraded as much as possible
    - Use Equipment Enthusiast and Battle Ready as bonuses for having lots of upgrades, and use Thrust as an attack bonus.

    If Dreadwing and Thrust are both fully upgraded, and they do a combined attack, Battle Ready gives a +9 attack bonus, not counting any Grenade Launchers or Energon Axes that are equipped, which makes Steamroll a very appropriate Action to have.

    Let me know what you guys think!