Customs: decals, dry rubs, waterslides...

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    (Hoping I put this in the right place. I figured I'd get good answers as many who read this section may have experience here.)

    Can anyone recommend a good source for quality faction waterslides? Looking for options with white/clear background/outlines, and varying logo sizes.

    Also looking for opinions on various 3rd party decal kits... such as Eness/Ocean vs. reprolabels and similar...

    • I have used the eness set for the MPP10 and those were pretty good. Fairly thin decal, good printing, and easy application with pretty decent results. Are there other companies of this quality or higher?
    • Reprolabels and similar - I've no experience but these are just stickers right? Not really interested in stickers as they all seem to be fairly thick and have noticeable edges.
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    Don't know about waterslides.

    I've used ocean's metal dry rub faction logos. They're very nice but the metal stuck out from under the color on one side on the ones I got. (In case you don't know: ocean is Eness old name).

    Yeah, repros are just stickers. I really liked the set for cw devastator but I've balked at all their MP offerings because they're just stickers and would detract from the quality of MP transformers. I mean as far as stickers go they're pretty nice. They're vinyl so they won't shred like paper stickers do and the metallic looking ones have a nice sheen. But they're also pretty thick so they'll stand out. I find that a layer of future over top of them helps them look a little nicer but nothing is going to make them not look like stickers.