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    List of items I have for trade at end of post

    Car Robots / RID
    Lucky Draw Brave Maximus
    - Instruction sheet, winner sheet and Cog parts. I actually only need the top of Cog and arms, but my guess is most people who have one it's compete. Must come with exclusive parts, don't care about anything else. NO REPROS

    Lucky Draw /Contest Prize - Car Robots Map Poster

    Lucky Draw - Black Fire Convoy - Loose or boxed.
    Lucky Draw - Black God Magnus - Loose or boxed.

    Robotmasters Prize red weapons. I think there were 500 of them given out

    Gen 1 US:
    US Piranacon Giftset -Mylar top cover
    US Computron Giftset - No reissues - Outerbox (or tech specs) and mylar top cover
    US Defensor Giftset - No reissues - Whole thing or box and styrofoam
    Pretenders Bludgeon - Purple tank gun and Pretender shell gun.
    Pretenders Longtooth - Small gun
    Action Master Gutcruncher - cardboard insert/paperwork
    Vroom - small black wheel, box insert

    Gen 1 Italy:
    Thundertron / Tundertron (Abominus) Giftset - No reissues - Whole thing or box and styrofoam

    Gen 1 European
    Overlord - box, styrofoam, instructions, all parts
    AM Bombshell - Gun and Partner (Needler)
    AM Take off - Partners/bird things' wings
    AM Charger - Partner and gun
    AM Elite Doublepunch - toy (either loose or carded), I have one but it's pretty beat up.
    AM Elite Omega Spreem - MOSC needed
    also: Omega Spreem's Head and his right side's tread unit (so looking at him head on, it would be the left side). Or a junker body with those two parts.
    AM Elite Turbomaster - toy (either loose or carded), I have one but it's pretty beat up.
    AM Elite Windmill - MOSC needed

    Gen 1 Mexican:
    Any jet landing plastic wheeled landing gear
    Thrust - everything (toy, box, insert instructions)
    Dirge - everything (toy, box, insert instructions)
    Sunstreaker - (if this exists) everything (toy, box, insert instructions)
    Devestator - Chrome guns and cardbacks
    Starscream - box and insert
    Prowl - everything (toy, box, insert instructions)
    Sideswipe - figure (either loose or boxed)
    Smokescreen - 2 white launchers, box, and insert
    Red Alert - box and insert

    Gen 1 Japanese:
    Blue Bacchus - Small silver guns, no repros, paperwork
    Black Shadow - Both large guns and the small one.
    Megatron D-16 - Blue bullets, sword, instruction sheet.
    Fortress Maximus (C-114) - vintage instruction sheet and bio card
    Soundblaster - Shoulder cannon and D-101 vintage instruction sheet.
    Twincast - Red gun, vintage only.
    Dai Atlas - gun and Speeder (Micromaster)
    Sonic Bomber - Gun, Sonic (Micromaster), instructions, box and insert
    Roadfire - Drillbuster (Micromaster), instructions, box and insert.
    Metrotitan - bio card, and unused sticker sheet.
    Sixliner - Head, original only please, no reissues.
    Artfire - Whole thing
    G1 Stepper - Filecard and his backpack for the Targetmaster. The backpack has almost like a minicon port in the hole as opposed to having a smooth bottom. NO REISSUE PARTS!!
    Grand Maximus - any parts other than main body, instructions and Biocard.
    Minerva - white helmet and box
    Battle Gaea - Pm me with whatever you got
    Metal Hawk - Two red wings or insert figure
    Star Saber (G1) - Chrome sword.
    Sixwing - Styrofoam and instructions.
    Sixtrain (TF05) - Styrofoam and instructions.
    TF Junior Starsaber - Left and Right red wings for jet mode.

    Diaclone Swoop - box, insert, gold missiles, diaclone driver (yellow and silver), and gold sword
    Diaclone LP500s - Yellow (Sideswipe/Tigertrack) - Need all parts, box, etc.
    Diaclone Wrecker / Hoist (blue) - Need yellow radar wings, tow platform, fists and driver.
    Diaclone Wrecker / Hoist (red) - Need yellow radar wings, tow platform, fists and driver.
    Diaclone Bluestreak (blue) - driver(red and black), box, insert, launchers, driver side door, and instructions
    Diaclone Bluestreak (silver) - driver(red and black), box, insert, launchers,and instructions
    Diaclone Police Sunstreaker - driver (white and black), fists, shoulder rockets, box insert, and instructions.
    Diaclone - Honda City Hyper Turbo (Car Robo 9) - box, foam, and instructions
    Diaclone - Black Honda City Hyper Turbo (Skids) - Black tabbed launcher and black scooter
    Dialcone - 2nd release chrome Suiken
    Diaclone Constructicons - need all of them with the exception of the yellow Bonecrusher with yellow cover (need the yellow and gray version). No Knock Offs!
    Microman S&W 44 Magnum - Silver variant, need all the bullets and both fists cast in silver
    Mechabot-1 (Pre Omega Supreme) - Unapplied stickers and instructions.
    Microchange Enemy (red and blue cassette) - Legs
    Microchange Soundwave - Gun, launchers, missiles, battery cover, headphones, Rumble.
    Microchange Blaster - red or blue, loose or MIB
    Microman Micro Robot 7-2-1
    2 red fists for R-12
    Gray gun for R-12
    1 Yellow Launcher
    2 Large yellow missiles
    All 5 red missiles
    Red Missile launcher
    A chrome Walker arm (the one in the set is broken)
    Well first off thanks for looking at my thread, I know it's a little weird. I recently bought a G1 Scorponok testshot and it's missing parts. The seller said that he sold the parts a long time ago and doesn't know who he sold them too. So, I am hoping someone here might have them. The Lord Zarak would be unpainted and the main gun would most likely be pretty loose on the pegs (the prototype pegs were bigger). The easiest to spot is the orange ramp. The orange ramp prototype has no hole in the center of the peg that the gray double gun attaches too and doesn't t have four little pegs surrounding the center peg. The prototype is not indended, the outer edges are smooth, with no ridges. I can either buy the parts off of you, or give you replacements. Even if you have these parts and don't want to sell them, please let me know so I can stop looking. I know it's a long shot, but thanks for looking!
    Prototype pic
    Regular release

    Any prototypes from Gen 1 /Gen 2 or hardcopy Tidal Wave or hard copies in general
    Specific prototype parts/figures I need:
    - Skywarp purple missile launchers and purple missiles and rear horizontal wings (as seen in his instructions) (will kill for this)
    - "Pink" G1 Hotrod
    - Silverbolt with handcolored stickers and ramp with handcolored sticker (x2)
    - Blades with handcolored stickers or clean with molding difference on cockpit
    - Divebomb - Sword(gold chromed) and two handguns with smooth barrel
    - Octane - with handcolored stickers and another gun with thin barrel
    - Sandstorm - with handcolored stickers
    - Metroplex - prototype Scamper, prototype Antenna (doesn't have ridges down the side, PM me for a pic)
    - Generation 2 Stunticons - Menasor (doubt I could afford it though)
    - Generation 2 Protectobots - Defensor (doubt I could afford it though)

    Draias - Dragon Wings, sword and instruction book.
    Seven Changer - Both Chest plates, sword, instruction book
    Dino Geist - Chrome swords, shield, instruction book
    Grand Bird - Mini robot
    Sky Saber/Jet Saber - Sky Sabers chest shield and weapons

    I am looking for the Japanese releases of Dairugger's (Vehicle Voltron's) sticker sheets and instructions. Or if you have a loose or boxed one with the stickers already applied let me know!
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