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    In the future of 2945. Humanity was at its Golden Age. Mankind not only lives on Earth, but now in other colonies on different planets. Scientists wondered if they could push further and expand further, and they did. They built a machine on Earth that could determine whether there were other dimensions. As the machine powered on, it seemed to shoot a laser that would just shoot off into the distance, but it stopped in mid flight. Next thing they knew, a black swirl started to appear. They turned the machine off and examined the black stain that was in mid air. It continued to grow bigger, to the size of a person, as if it was being stretched open by something from the other side. Then a dark entity came out of the dark hole. The scientists asked what the being's name was. The only response it gave was sucking all the oxygen straight out of the people that were in that area and killing them almost instantly without touching them. Investigators came to look at the whole and saw that it was still increasing in size. They also found a recording of their deaths, but what was odd was that before the scientists died, the cameras picked up audio that said "Klaxa". One of the investigators wanted to take a better look at the hole. The closer he got, the more voices he heard. Finally, when his hand was pulled into the dark hole, he had visions of a dark place, filled with evil creatures, and he saw the thing that attacked the scientists. With help, he pulled his hand out, along with another creature, with a similar build to the first one they encountered. This one though, they captured with ease. They took it to the lab, and tied it down. They found at it was completely composed of antimatter. They also found that it can't truly die, because it never was alive in the first place. They also asked what the investigator saw, and he replied, "The void".

    A millennia later, the being known as Klaxa found the machine and made multiple black holes into the void, where they overran Earth. Other colonies are aware of the news and plan to nuke Earth, even though there were very few survivors on the planet. You need to find an aircraft station to escape Earth before it is nuked, which will be in a few years (I'll make when Transformers 5 comes out so about a year). Hopefully you will survive.

    *Anyone can join in at anytime of the roleplay after they sign up*
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    Limited Information on this Character:
    Name: Klaxa

    Powers: Nothingness Manipulation

    Status: Alive and hidden

    Diagram of the creature know as "Klaxa"
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