Dark of the Moon-To know the Past.... A short story

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    The Report that Sentinels mission had failed... All across Cybertron, the surviving Autobots fled in great Colony Ships. Some elected to stay, some such as the Preservers, wanted to gather the remaining Cybertronian artifacts. History had to be saved....

    Archaea stood on the twisted metal ruins of Daicronus, her home city. Daicronus had been destroyed by a massive upheaval of plasma energy. Rumor was that a Decepticon had somehow reignited old engines in the far depths of Cybertron, underneath Daicronus.
    She dealt with facts not rumor. Her only concern was the recovery of a set of data plate artifacts that contained regional history. They were said to be in the hall of records. The Autobot Science council sent it's agents forth to recover what they could. Within days they would depart Cybertron perhaps forever. Although she was no fighter Archaea didnt worry for Decepticon patrols. They rarely ever came to places of non combat value. Daicronus had been the seat of Science on Cybertron, any war technologies have long since been plundered.

    Her advanced optics came online as she used powerful telescopic sensors to scan the ruins. Geomapping placed the hall within the westernmost breech, submerged under the Towers of Pikos. The sight of her home saddened her, this was not the typical Archeological dig, this was her home. As such the council granted her permission to reclaim a part of it. Ruined domes, tall spires littered the shattered roadways and cyberscape. Buildings of learning fell into shambles below her wheeled feet. She skated down an embankment and used her sensor arm to scan for the electrical signature of the halls doorway.

    Skating lithely over uneven terrain, she at last saw the silvery blue mass of metal poking from the rubble. The hall lay beneath her. She quickly transformed into her alt mode, a Cybertronian exploration vehicle, to make descent easier. Small manipulator arms emerged with cutting tools. Switching to low light mode, she released several survey bots to scout the location. While the searched she would cut the beam. Then the day dreams began....

    She pulled the imagery from her Crystal Light Matrix, a powerful memory center few Transformers possessed. Those who had it became known as Preservers, they remembered the minutiae of everything, since coming online. For Archaea however, she was missing something. She remembered her first day at the Science Academy, her studies included Cyberology and Archeology. She had taken a deep liking to Archeology.
    Because for Cybertron to grow she needed to know it's past. She spent Many Vorns learning Cybertronian and Exo-Anthropology under Glyph, The most highly decorated Archeometrist on Cybertron.

    Transforming she was able to lift the beam out of her path. She rolled down the dark passageways of the Hall of Records. For such destruction outside, the inside was in remarkably good shape. Her Gray Black frame reflectign the blue lights her body gave sensors gave off. She passed room after room looking for one in particular. Looking forward she saw two of her survey bots at the far end, trying to open a jammed door.

    " Have they found it?" she wondered aloud, the sound echoing down the empty halls.
    " If there were Decepticon's here, they'd know I was also!" She quickened her pace, helping her bots open the stuck door. The other bots returned carrying various items, none of which was as important as what lay beyond these doors.
    A tiny blinking red light in a corner near some computer banks, made her spark shine.
    But she needed more power, power was in short supply here. She converted several of her survey bots into redundant power relays. Using a small portion of her own energon as catalyst. She provided the power to access the rooms back up generators. As lights and devices whirled slowly to lie, her optics widened, with hope.
    Moving over to the rooms central computer, she inputed the codes given to her by the council.
    "Welcome to the Daicronus Hall of Records, Input a query please." the voice prodded as Cybertronian flashed across the screen.

    1-3-4-7-Archeaa-A: Designation J5642982-3, she entered.

    "Processing, please stand by.......Record found...data plate released below, input a query please."
    " By the eyes of Primus...." she sighed in relief. A circular panel opened on her torso revealing a slot for direct input. She slid the data plate into her Crystalline access point.
    The data extracted themselves directly into her memory core.

    Alleigiance: Autobot...
    Body type: Protoform
    Chassis: Light
    Systems Online date:.........

    Archaea sighed as her Birth records were uploaded into her mind.
    A battle had damaged her memory, she could not remember her SOD..Now she was whole.
    Most Cybertronians don't care to remember when they came online, only that they did.
    But she is an Archeologist, to them the past is all that matters, and now she knew hers.