dark liger, Jafcon prime, Minibot set, predakings for sale

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    Mar 3, 2005
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    I have a few things of interest. Let's see...

    Prices do not include SAL shipping to anywhere in the world from Japan unless noted:

    (rare) Black Jafcon opitmus prime MIB (still tied to original card backing though) in a C8 box ($225 U.S. plus $25 shipping)

    Galaxy force Dark liger MISB x3 (newly released TRU Japan exclusive) ($65 U.S. plus $25 shipping)

    Predaking reissue (stickers unapplied) MIB ($90 U.S. plus $45 shipping)

    Predaking reissue MISB ($100 U.S. plus $45 shipping)

    I have a few older Japanese Superlink Shockblasts MISB ($10) and MIB ($8) as well (plus $20 shipping for each.)

    Takare reissue #12 Minibot set MIB $60 (plus $20 shipping)

    Shipping can be combined to reduce prices... (To be honest, the shipping estimates are rough guesses based on my experience. In most cases the shipping will be a few dollars cheaper...) But due to shipping restrictions in Japan I can't tell you the total price until I weigh the box and measure the size of the box.

    PM if you are interested or leave a message here for general questions.