Dalianjj's Trailer Review (As Promised)

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    Originally: Huntington Beach, CA, Now: Tempe, AZ
    Dalianjj’s Transforming Masterpiece/20th Anniversary Optimus Prime Trailer.

    I recently got my trailer from Dalianjj and here is the review I promised when I ordered it. One thing to notice about this review is my writing style is not conventional and this will not be your average review.

    I awoke the Wednesday Morning to find that my package had arrived. First off I have to say that the shipping packaging leaves something to be desired. The normal box seen Here(For a great photo shoot check Here)was wrapped in Standard Bubble Wrap and brown paper. This packaging method lead to a lot of dings to the box and takes away from the display ability of the box after the fact. Dalianjj please start using outer Shipping Boxes in the future, you spent the time to make a great looking box (Although Similar to the Justoys version), you are shipping it from China, it has a long way to go, please take the extra steps to protect it properly.

    No on to the trailer itself. I opened the box and was greeted with a trailer in great shape (Though I was worried as I could hear the trailer rattle around in the box, again Make sure the product is going to be safe in the long transit time from China) The sticker sheet was damaged slightly, mainly due to the fact that the pre-cut stickers are cut in a way that cuts the backing paper and the trailer moving around caught on some of the stickers and that is what caused the damage. The Stickers are displayable but do not hold up under close inspection (I would consider poly bagging the sticker sheet) and I will now have to order another sticker sheet. That is the last piece of information that I will convey that is remotely negative for a while, as after all of that the product is pure GOLD!

    The Roller is pre-assembled and is really sturdy and has a solid feel to him, I personally opted for the grey one and it’s made from the same plastic as the trailer itself, and lends to the allusion of an early G1 Optimus Prime as opposed to the silver painted one used in the New Years Reissue Convoy, really a nice touch as I was expecting a Regular Roller repainted Silver. The Roller Launch system is based on the reissues as it’s the “Supercharged-Roller Launch System” and man is it strong. I had to fiddle with it to get it to launch by pressing the tab, but after that it has worked on Queue ever since so it may be just one of those things.

    One thing you don’t realize is the sheer immensity of this thing until you get it out and into your hands. Roller for one is bloody huge, I keep WSTF Prime in the front seats, the Missiles,(Extras would have been a good idea, it come with exactly 2) my god that really puts things into perspective, it’s almost like you have been shrunk down and are looking at something you have known all your life in a new light. The Gas tank, hose and gun are perfect and fit on Roller exactly like they should. The battle station is perfect the missiles fire exactly as they should, the canopy opens exactly as the original does (An option to consider in the future should be a blue canopy like New Year Convoy has) the stations on the base plates are also perfect.

    Now I did say for a while, and I do have a negative here, in addition to the condition of the stickers due to shipping, I have to say that I am disappointed in them as a whole. They are adequate and do their job, but you have to be VERY exact with applying them as there is almost no chance of going back once it has touched the plastic. The stickers also look very dull and the colors look off when comparing them to an original scale Prime. While like I said they do their job adequately you would be better served paying the extra $10 for the shiny sticker set, I regret not doing it.

    In Trailer Mode it is a delight to look at with MP Prime in Truck Mode. All I can say is WOW, this is the look I have wanted ever since I first got my Masterpiece Prime. It looks like it belongs there as I am sure was by design. Put right next to a normal scale prime it looks like it is as proportionate to the Cab as the original, Great Job!

    In conclusion I have to say that I am satisfied overall and thoroughly impressed. The Trailer itself the quality, the materials and the care in the design are remarkable, and outweigh the negatives of the Stickers, the lack of extra Missiles and the shipping method.

    Over all I give the Trailer an A-, if I had gotten the other stickers it might have been an A+
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    Now that is an excellent review, I got mine the other day too. I have to agree on the packaging method and applying the stickers, almost messed those up myself, almost. I opted for the $149 ($187 with shipping) one that came with the glossy stickers, long smokestacks, and 4 bigger rubber tires. I keep the smaller tires on as a preference, but it's nice to have them if I want to swap them out. The glossy stickers look great on the trailer and I just need to get an eyeglass screwdriver for the small screws on Op's shoulders so I can swap out the smokestacks. The grey roller is nice, makes it match my Hasbro re-issue Prime, now I just need long smokestacks for that one too.

    I am in definite agreement that the trailer completes Optimus, he seemed almost naked without it.
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    I hate that trailer with a passion...´cause I like displaying my 20th ann Prime inside th box so it wouldn´t maksense to buy it but on the other hand... :banghead: 
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    Yeah, I am sure this probably sets some record for the oldest resurrected post, but I just learned of this marvel this morning.
    (consider I must have been on the dark side of the Moon for the last 2 years...)
    Anyhoo, does anyone know how I might be able go get ahold of one of these???
    *ANY* help would be *much* appreciated.

    -Viper 486 out.
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    These are almost impossible to come by these days. To trailer-fy your MP Optimus, you've basically got three choices:

    1. Camp eBay, and hope one pops for a reasonable price

    2. Purchase the JustIToys non-transformable version, which is much, much cheaper.

    3. Purchase MP-04, which comes with a transformable trailer, but no Roller.
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    As a tangental point, I've got the Justitoys non transforming trailer and the transforming "Rollar" on preorder. Exactly the reverse of the original toy. Of course the original toy was designed for use with the little Diaclone men, so it made sense that way and the stuff inside the opened trailer was actually in-scale to the people using it. For Transformers, I like the reverse better.
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    just sold one i had for sale.....