Dairycon Registration closes March 1st at midnight!

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    Today is the final day to register to attend the biggest Wisconsin Transformers Convention, "Dairycon"! Registration is free, but you have to be pre-registered to get in. No walk-ins allowed.

    Have you been tempted by the images surfacing of the convention's exclusive figures? -Want to meet up with a great group of Wisconsin Transformer fans? -Want to say that you've been to a TF convention called "Dairycon"? Then check out the Dairycon site, http://www.geocities.com/dairylandtransfans/DTFdairycon2008.html or their mirror site at Freewebs.com.

    Those exclusive figures I mentioned? Here's a tempting set of images:
    Domino: the pizza delivery truck
    Spot: the Last Auto... er, Dairycon

    Remember, Pre-registration closes tonight at MIDNIGHT!