Dairycon figures on Ebay!

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    Were you unable to make it to Wisconsin's greatest TF Fan-Con "Dairycon"? For those few lucky enough to attend Dairycon this year can attest, the Automated Security Sentry 09 (or "Ass-09") figure is one of the coolest Dairycon exclusives to date! For those of you who were unable to attend, a few of the ASS-09 figures have appeared on Ebay!

    First up is the Dairycon Attendee Package.
    From the Ebay auction description:
    Additionally, the rare Autocon exclusive ASS-09 Envious Green Edition of the figure has been made available on Ebay as well!
    This figure is an even rarer figure, only available to members of the mysterious group known only as "Autocon".

    The seller also has a Shattered Glass Jazz, as well as two 2008 Dairycon figures on Ebay.