Dairycon 2015 - The Moo 52 Campaign!

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    Excelsior, Moo-Believers!

    If Dairycon had a calander, then 2015 would be the Year of the Cow - because we're celebrating Dairycon's 15th ANNIVERSARY!

    15 YEARS of Transformers FanCon goodness! It's a Milestone! And we're celebrating the way we best know how - by making fun of *everything*.

    Go to Dairycon! A Convention of Our Own! and click on the top of *any* page - you'll see a link to our new Moo-52 Campaign!

    Every week, we'll be posting a new image to the Dairycon Facebook group - culminating with the 2015 Dairycon Convention & 15 years of Dairycon!

    We're looking to make this show the best one yet!

    More announcements will be coming soon. In the meantime, check out our weekly updates to the Moo 52 at the website, or on Facebook!

    Make mine Dairycon!

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