Dairycon 2011: We Still Function!

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    Welcome Moo Believers!

    We know you've been wondering, and we've got your answers! After 'The Big One' held earlier this year, Dairycon was done! There really wasn't going to be another show! So you can well imagine our surprise when we were given this breaking news!

    APPARENTLY, after much discussion, and an infusion of new blood (and due in no small part to how wonderfully the show went this year) the Dairycon convention has returned! In addition to securing a renewed commitment from your original Dairycon Staff (and tricking Fred into footing the bill again), these dedicated new individuals have some fresh new ideas to improve Dairycon as they bravely step forward to take over the reins; offering up their time, skills, & expertises. With the infusion of this new blood, we're happy to announce that there will indeed be a Dairycon in 2011! It's OFFICIAL folks.... Dairycon Lives!

    [Pause for thunderous applause to die down...]

    We'd like to introduce the saviors of the show, the workers of wonderment...Meet your Moo, er, NEW Dairycon Team!

    Matt: Already the howlin' mad moderator of the Dairyland Group, Matt has moved into the position of chief cook and bottle-washer for the show. He'll be processing any and all information on the site as it comes in, as well as answer all your questions. Go, Matt!

    Kath and Bob: Organizers of a popular gaming convention in their own home state, they will lend their skills to the Dairycon Main floor thru events and announcements. I pity the fool who does not enjoy their work. Go, KathBob!

    Jeremy: 'The Face' of Dairycon! Original portrayer of Heffer in all his voice-actor glory, coiner of our catchphrase, 'Moo Believers', Jeremy (aka, 'Meth') will be the staffer telling the world at large about all the fun things that are coming out in the Dairycon Universe.

    Let's give a round of applause to your new Dairycon Team! With their assistance, may we usher in the Second Generation of Dairycon!

    [Pause for more thunderous applause]

    Now, onto business!

    The show must go on, and while the date for Dairycon 2011 has yet to be finalized, it's planned to fall around it's 'usual' dates. Dairycon will still be held at the historic Ramada Plaza in beautiful Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin!

    There will be new storylines, new Dairycon characters revealed, and Dairycon tidbits will be available at the 2011 show! We're even bringing back the "Negators of ConScent", the fabulous Dairycon Air Fresheners! (What scent you ask? We're not telling!) Are you wondering about the events and activities that will be available next year? Well, things have changed up a little; so pay attention!

    Proposed Events for 2011:

    -Assemble Your Own Transformer Contest: You get a bag of mystery parts, first to assemble their figure wins!
    -Dairycon Art Contest: Fan voting will determine their favorite artwork amongst 2D and 3D projects! Bring your kitbashes, drawings, sculptures, whatever!
    -Dairycon Costume Contest: Added to the lineup last year, we're hoping to get even *MORE* entries into the Costume Contests! Dress up like your favorite Transformer character, obvious or obscure, and the fans will vote for their favorite! Bonus points if it's a Dairycon!
    -Dairycon Raffle: Every Pre-Reg packet has a raffle ticket, and events during the day can win you more tickets, so everyone has a chance to win!
    -Name That Transformer Contest: The perennial favorite at Dairycon. It starts with a simple thought, "I'm thinking of a Transformer..." and everyone has 20 questions to guess the name of the Transformer. The first to guess correctly wins the round!
    -Special Guest Presentation: It's a secret folks! Past presentations have included presentations on prototypes, a "DisOrganizer's Panel", and last year everyone got some cake celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Dairycon! What will it be this year? What are you asking me for? I SAID IT WAS SECRET!!!!
    -Dairycon Gaming Session: Held on Friday night, you'll have the chance to participate in various TF-themed games (officially licensed and fan-created). (Meth here, interrupting the big announcement to tell you folks, the TF-themed Heroscape game is a *BLAST*!)
    -The All-New BRING YOUR OWN Jumpstarter Races: One of the TRUE classic events of Dairycon, we're updating it for the new year! While it is believed that 'stock' Jumpstarter figures will be made available to those without, this is the first year that we're opening this race up to CUSTOMIZED Jumpstarters! Want to paint it, shave it, weigh it down, add a stronger spring?! NOW YOU WILL HAVE YOUR OPPORTUNITY!!!!

    Stay tuned for more information, we'll bring it to you as soon as it's made available to us!

    The SSDEC, the shadowy organization behind the Dairycon, approves this message. All original voice actors were used in this message. Message void where prohibited. Opinions expressed in this news post are not necessarily those of the SSDEC, Dairyland transfans, or Dairycon. If this is an actual emergency, please close the browser window and dial "MOO" for assistance.

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    Something about customized jumpstarter racing intrigues me.
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    I went for the first time this past year and found the races a bit anti-climatic. Adding modified Jumpstarters into the mix would certainly up my interest in watching the event.