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Dairycon 2006 registration is now OPEN!

Discussion in 'Transformers Conventions and Get Togethers' started by beatnik poe, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. beatnik poe

    beatnik poe Veteran

    Jul 1, 2002
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    The direct link is here:


    Wisconsin transfans present the sixth-annual Dairycon, a one-day
    event. Dealer tables, large-screen showing your favorite tf episodes,
    and special Dairycon-exclusive items available to those who have
    pre-registered for the con.

    This year will bring back many of your old favorites....and introduce
    us to a few new ones. The convention, the storyline, and the toys have
    all been building to this point....will it be 2006? Only one way to
    know for sure!


    Check the site frequently, as the infamous dtf Timewars story will
    give way to a climactic ending, '2006: Crisis on Infinite Cybertrons'

    It's phenomenal, it's stupendous, and above all, it's free.

    Beat that, other conventions. We're *giving* it away.


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