Cyclonus vs. Ultra Magnus: G1 Rework

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    Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus are two very iconic Transformers G1 storyboaring characters who did not get sufficient treatment in the early years and even in recent generations. These two non-dominant warriors were considered superior in war intuition to their nearest army parallels, Springer (Autobot) and Starscream (Decepticon). However, they were still considered subordinate to Rodimus (Autobot) and Galvatron (Decepticon).

    Ultra Magnus (Autobot) was offered the chance to become the Autobot leader after the first death of Optimus Prime but was eventually superseded by Rodimus in Transformers: The Movie. Similarly (in terms of leadership demotion storyboarding), Cyclonus effectively replaced Starscream after the Decepticon leader Megatron was changed into Galvatron who sought a more warlike first-knight, but Cyclonus never superseded Galvatron himself, despite his great skills in warfare, arguably unparalleled by any Decepticon of his size.

    So, Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus can be considered quite similar in strength, position, and political humilities. Ultra Magnus is actually much more governance sensitive than he's given credit for, and even his closest Autobot parallel in the leadership hierarchy or pyramid, Springer, commanded his own unit of warriors. Cyclonus is lauded for his fighting excellence but has not been explored or presented as a Decepticon icon, and even his closest parallel in the Decepticon leadership hierarchy or pyramid, Starscream, was afforded more creative storyboarding plots!

    It would therefore be rather fruitful to imagine a G1 rework in which Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus are afforded their own special unit of warriors who might uniquely contend with each other to create a rather inventive and plot-rich Autobot-Decepticon war. Perhaps since such an opportunity is lost, we might think of ways to encourage such a rework in new gen comics, but since Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus really stood out in the G1 cartoons, I thought I'd introduce such a notion in the Cyberverse/Cartoons forum first!

    I mean, is there any other Autobot-Decepticon pairing that illuminates warfare sideshow intrigue better? I would argue, "No", because a comparable Springer-Starscream war would not yield as much storyboarding branching!


    ULTRA MAGNUS: War is about control.
    CYCLONUS: I'd argue war is about fury.
    ULTRA MAGNUS: Decepticons are too wild!
    CYCLONUS: Autobots are too modest!
    ULTRA MAGNUS: Cybertron is a symbol of history.
    CYCLONUS: I'd argue Cybertron is a symbol of power.




    {Ultra Magnus}

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    Interesting idea.
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