Cyberverse Season 2: Different English versions?

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    I was just clicking different videos to check, out of curiosity, which English-based releases in Youtube were available to Europe (not region blocked), and I was shocked to find two different versions of Cyberverse Season 2, episode 2.
    I have not checked the episode in full, but for starters, Megatron's insults towards Starscream (first sentence of the ep) clearly change...

    This is the first time I see the same episode in English changing...could this be due to the country in which it was released?

    I know, for instance, that South America and Spain have different releases, even though one version is clearly understandable to the other country, but for English-based versions? this is a first...o_O  As far as I can tell, there are no changes in accent, intonation, or voice seems to be the exact same actor for Megatron, but just different lines for the same scene...


    'Starscream, you bulkhead!'


    'Starscream, you imbecile!'
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