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    CybertronianFan's S/T/W

    These are the items I have for sale or trade. I accept PayPal (gift or please add an additional 4% if done normally). Willing to trade, please check my Wants link below. Will ship domestically and internationally (increased shipping costs and time apply).

    Unless stated otherwise, all items are MiSB/MoSC/MiSPackage, and all prices are per fig/sets. You can view my feedback here: CybertronianFan's Feedback thread.

    Please, DO NOT POST HERE, PM me instead (Thank you)

    RED = Sold
    GREEN = On Hold
    ORANGE = Traded



    - Takara's TG-18 FoC Skywarp. Opened, 100% in condition, 100% complete, and comes with original packaging (no package cover) and instructions. - $20


    - Takara's MP-18 Streak (MiSB) - $65
    IMAG0177.jpg IMAG0183.jpg IMAG0181.jpg IMAG0182.jpg IMAG0179.jpg IMAG0184.jpg

    3rd Party

    - MMC's Terminus Hexatron R-01 (v.1). Set is opened (never transformed, practically mint!), 100% complete, w/instructions, and original box. Included are the limited production Dazzling Glory set (chrome helmet & guns) as well as Reprolabels' Hexatron labels sheet (100% complete and unapplied) - $100
    IMAG0187.jpg IMAG0188.jpg IMAG0186.jpg IMAG0185.jpg
    - BadCube's Wardog Veteran Edition (Limited edition MP Warpath. Only 500 units made). Sealed MINT in box (couldn't even tell you its numbering). - $180
    IMAG0159.jpg IMAG0163.jpg IMAG0160.jpg IMAG0161.jpg
    - Planet X's original v1 Caelus . Set is 100% complete, 100% in condition, comes with original box and instructions. Also has Cybertronian glow reprolabel faction symbol - $45
    IMAG0388.jpg IMAG0390.jpg IMAG0392.jpg IMAG0393.jpg IMAG0394.jpg

    Transformers Trading Card Game (Trading highly preferred towards other Transformers TCG cards. Will sell pending on offers).

    For Sale
    Ultimate Combiner Ensemble Resurgence: back for its final re-issue, each character and card comes sleeved and ready for shipping - $100 (shipping to U.S. and Canada included).
    - Volcanicus + Dinobot Enigma x3 + Electrified Spikes x3
    - Optimus Maximus + Sentinel Enigma x3 + Combat Commands x3
    - Predaking + Predacon Enigma x3 + Tooth and Claw x3
    - Superion + Aerialbot Engima x3 + Aerialbot Formation x3
    - Menasor + Stunticon Engima x3 + Stunticon Swagger x3
    - Dreadwing

    Wave 3 Major Shockwave with x3 LV Gamma-Disruptor Launcher - $80 shipped within the continental U.S.

    The following I am selling to build up $ towards a fundraiser.
    Dampening Field x4 - $1 each
    Laser Cutlass - $10
    Pop a Wheelie x3 - $1.5 for the lot
    Quartermaster x2 - $2 each
    RR Disruptor Blade x2 - $1 for the lot
    Special Ops Mission x4 - $3 for the lot
    Take Cover x3 - $1 for the lot
    Unconventional Flying Object x6 - $1.25 for a set of 3
    W-5 Gyro Blaster x3 - $2.5 for the lot

    For Trade -

    Wave 3 -
    Backup Bag x3
    Battering Ram x5
    Emergency Defense Field x5
    Energy Pack x3
    Erratic Energy Grenade x2
    Heroric Team-up x3
    LV Gamma-Disruptor Launcher (discolored)
    Micro Capacitor x5
    Ultra Magus Armor x5
    **Promo - P3 Private Smashdown/Airquake Hammerclaw**

    Wave 2 -
    Dinobot Snarl

    Aerialbot Formation
    Bad Attitude x2
    Bumpers x5
    Crash Landing
    Decepticon Crown x3
    Defensive Driving x3
    Energized Field x3
    Fog of War
    Heavy Handed
    Inferno Breath
    Intelligence Mission x2
    Master Plan x2
    Mounted Missiles
    Recon System x4
    Tackle x3
    Unleashed Potential x4

    Link to My Wants

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