Cybertron Micro Series: Hot Shot and Starscream

Discussion in 'Transformers Feedback & Reviews' started by Xaxis, Aug 23, 2005.

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    My neighborhood Fred Meyer just got in the Cybertron Micro series and upon seeing them I bought Hot Shot and Starscream. I can't really do much of a review right now since I didn't bring them with me to work, but I wanted to share my impression.

    I'll start by saying that these are some pretty cool toys. Transformations are simple, but still interesting and have more to them than the Spychangers. The size is fun and the sculpts are nicely done with some good detail.

    Hot Shot
    I've only handled the deluxe-sized Hot Shot once, but the micro version seems to be a very good adaptation. It even has the flip-out wings (back of car/behind robot shoulders). Articulation is pretty basic, with ball joints at the shoulders and hips. No knee joints and the head doesn't move. Still a fun little toy though. My only problem with it is that he's pretty loose all around.

    Out of the two micro figures I have, this is my favorite. For one, it's great to have a toy of Cybertron Starscream without paying the Supreme price. Detail is very good - he even has flip-out armaments. Extra points for knee joints and a head that turns - makes him fun to play with since he can strike some action poses. His joints are tighter than Hot Shot's as well. Part of the clip that keeps the head on was broken right out of the package, but I was able to fix the problem and there's nothing else that really detracts from the appeal of this toy.

    I haven't had enough time with either of these to feel that I can give a rating, but I can say that Starscream is a must buy if you like the design (oh-so-War-Within) and want a version of this character in a super-portable size.

    And at less than $4 ($3.49 for mine), these are a very affordable way to collect the Cybertron characters.
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    Starscream is probably the best of breed here. Doesn't lose much besides paint apps, and holds together quite well.

    Hot Shot seems to suffer far more. As you say, he is much too floppy. Also, I'm not a fan of HS's colors to begin with, and the loss of yellow really hurts.

    I do like Megatron, though he is a bit unstable, and Prime is nearly as good as Starscream. Get them both if you can.