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    Submitted by our friends from Canada, there are several useful tutorials found on the Cybertron.CA forum. While we do already host some of the ones you will find there, you will find some others that we do not. A helpful amount of linkage here will take you straight to them!

    Here is the original host thread (where you can view all of the tutorials that have been submitted thus far):

    Q & A thread:

    Here are some links to some highlighted tutorials:

    StarFire - How to Make Basic Flames - Page 1, Post 7, 8

    chans formers - Panel Lining 1-2-3 - Page 1, Post 10

    racerguy76 - Paint Stripping and Priming Tutorial - Page 2, Post 11

    chans formers - How to Stiffen Your Loose G1 Bots - Page 2, Post 15

    chans formers - Sun Damage Removal - Page 2, Post 16

    Also, be sure to drop by Cybertron.CA and say "hello" to our Canadian Transformers 'bashers! If you're interested in going to a rockin' convention to meet up with some of these guys, don't forget to keep up with the details of the coolest TF convention ever, TFCon!



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