Cybertron Basics/Titanium 6 inch for sale

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    Hey guys, have a few extra items here I'd like to get rid of to help with some college expenses. Not the most highly sought after toys in the world here, but if you want em they're yours!

    Payment - I just want Paypal, please

    Shipping - Only shipping to other US members this time, sorry. I figure I'll just give a 6 dollar flat rate, if that's ok

    I'll provide pictures later if you need them

    OK, for sale:

    Cybertron Basics - $8 each:

    Armorhide - MISP, but the top of the bubble has come slightly off the card. Top corners of card are folded slightly.

    Wreckloose - MISP, slight creasing along the top of the card

    Backstop - MISP, bubble also coming off card at top, but still mostly attached

    6 Inch Titanium - $15 each:

    Scourge - MISB, crease on the bottom left corner, back corner has some shelf wear and there's a small flapped tear beside it

    RiD Optimus Prime - MISB, pretty good shape, just has some minimal shelf wear along the bottom

    So, none are exactly in perfect shape. They were all shipped to me in the exact conditions described though, so not my fault. The Cyb. toys are probably for people who'd like to open them, but I think the Tit. ones are in decent enough shape for MISB collectors overall.

    If you'd like any of these please PM, thank you!
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