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    During the filming of Transformers the last knight, we saw a lot of pictures of fantasy-alien hybrid type weapons, and after the trailer, I noticed a few things.

    A ruined planet, probably cybertron, is on a collision course with Earth. Possibly to merge with it.

    The decepticons are fighting the humans and autobots in different locations on earth.

    In the trailer Anthony Hopkins' character touches an emblem. The same emblem on several other artifacts.

    Optimus is fighting at the end of the trailer, seemingly under the control of something else, but just as importantly without his shield and sword.

    Which leads me to my theory, the weapons in the movie are a take on Cyber Planet Keys. It looks the writers may be influenced by portions of beast wars and transformers: cybertron mythology.

    It seems that the earth was an abandoned experiment of the creators with cybertron-like properties, and after Optimus finds out about the fate of Cybertron, he's either convinced to merge them or is taken control of. Optimus prime's sword, merlins staff, and Mark Wahlberg's "Excalibur" (I'm assuming there will also be a fourth key?) will act as key's for earths "Cyber Planet Engine". Which might be apart of the undersea ship or the ship itself.

    Optimus prime returns to earth and activates the engine with his sword, and it's a race between the autobot allies and decepticons to find the others before the planets merge. That's my theory anyway.

    One more thing. When I first saw hotrods new design, I thought the head shape was very odd. After they revealed he had a french accent, it made more sense to me.

    It kind of looks like a beret and mustache. Could be a coincidence though.

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    welcome to the foruns and congratulations ... I think you are the newcomer that did the better first post

    I like this theory ... and it seems plausible ... also, like catch with the hot rod head