Minor/Repaint: CW Defensor Alt Set

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    I kinda knew from the start my Defensor wouldn't be the regular members. Blades just didn't match up with the rest of the set, but Alpha Bravo really did. Streetwise's mouth reminds me of Ultimate Muscle, but I'm a huge fan of Prowl...And then there was Rook, because I could never hop onto hasbro's website within the 6 six seconds after getting the email that Deluxe Groove was available again before it sold out.
    But overall the set does work nicely together.

    A quick run-down:
    Prowl ~ repainted the arms to match the vehicle mode better, touched up the crest since the factory red was both bland and did not actually cover the entire crest, a bunch of small light details, and a set of shotguns.

    Alpha Bravo ~ No more "Red plane arm" for defensor. Alpha Bravo was given a few touch-ups to make his vehicle mode work better and to break up his chest colors as a bot. The white shoulders and orange head backing made me feel more like I was finishing Hasbro's job than doing my own. There were also two mods done;
    1 - The helicopter blades were doubled from two to four and it was made detachable on a standard 5mm peg. The detachment was mostly so that Defensor could hold it on either arm as a shield like FoC Bruticus.
    2 - The guns are completely original made mostly out of a pair of junked CW hands. I'm actually really happy with how magnum-like these turned out.

    First Aid ~ Already made a thread about this before, but overall went over his detailing with some silver and gave it a more G1 art-esque style with spurts of blue and yellow lighting all over. Redid his eyes with metallic blue flake overtop a base coat of silver to really shine. I replaced the axe with a pair of CW AirRaid blasters with energon-lining all over them as a pair of medical weapons.

    Rook ~ Again, made a thread about him in the past, just mostly went over his detailing and adding yellow lights and some flame glow to his knuckle cannons. Also features a modified FoC gun, which allows his "Super Mode" with all four CW fists to have both feet stand about evenly instead of lopsided.

    Hotspot ~ This thing was fun. There's a LOT of mechanical detail all over this figure that I got to bring out with either silver or black paint. I went ahead and panel-lined the face since I felt it didn't have that same stern appearence as Hotspot did in the cartoon. The water-effect of the guns was blue metallic flake ontop of silver. To give it a rushing water look, I went over it a second time in splotches to make it less evened out.

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    Very nice! All the little touch-ups really add up.
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    I dig what you've done here immensely. It's a lot of little things that you've done that really makes me enjoy this particular custom team. It's cool to see that you have also put Alpha Bravo onto your Protectobots team (as I have). Prowl is also another excellent choice to sub in. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.