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    *US SALES ONLY(sorry)

    Hello folks! So as the title states I'm cutting back on my Collection and hope to find these guys a new home. I was selling on eBay but unfortunately I'm not a fan of eBay asking me for my SSN#/Bank account#. I don't want to make it complicated with you or myself with adding so and so % to the total. *ALL PRICES ARE FIRM AND INCLUDE SHIPPING.* Furthermore I will keep you posted on when it's dropped off at USPS/Shipped and everything will be shipped Priority mail. Will do my best to describe items.

    **FT 13 Mercenary/Shrapnel $220 (SOLD)
    - Original Owner
    - Transformed once to bug and back
    - Comes Complete with Box and accessories
    - Right thigh is slightly (Not major) loose but still can hold a pose w/o any issues but just wanted to point that out.
    - Rest of joint and paint are still perfect

    *YM/BB7 YM-01 Skywarp MP KO $115 OBO
    - Original owner/First batch
    - Transformed about 5x's
    - It comes complete with everything as pictured. (Plz check)
    - Sticker/Dry rub labels have been used
    - Land gear diecast area paint is chipped but not really noticable.
    - Joints all still feel good

    *YM/BB7 YM-03 Thundercracker MP KO $115 OBO
    - Original Owner/First batch
    - Transformed about 5x's at most
    - Comes Complete with everything pictured.
    - Stickers/Dry Rub have been used on Wings only.
    - Overall still in excellent condition and everything still feels good.

    **$200 deal for both Seekers if interested**

    *MP-10b Nemesis Prime KO $80
    - 2nd owner
    - Transformed about 3x's
    - It can transform but for some odd reason it isn't a smooth Transformation compare to an official MP-10
    - Right arm is loose and bicep swivel is loose iirc
    - the Chrome on the gas drums are scratched
    - His Matrix is Silver and the "Gem" is appears to be crooked from the back of the matrix
    - Chest has a minor gap
    - Eyes are painted Red
    - Comes Complete with all his accessories but NO INSTRUCTIONS.
    - Comes with an extra bigger blaster than the one that comes with him.
    - Its a great bot to just display,Transforming it just feels like parts don't want to go together.

    And thats it for the time being. If interested on any or have any questions,plz do message me and I'll get back to you. Will try and get some pics up when I get a chance.
    Thanks for looking and please remember:
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