Scratch Builds: Customs Scale Reference 101 - Part Twelve - 1/20 Scale Automobiles

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    Scales are based on a replicas size in relation to its real world counterpart. This tutorial is not meant to be taken as an exact guide to what anyone can or should build; it is only meant to give a rough outline on scale in relation to main line figures. My hope for this body of work is to offer a helpful frame of reference for most customizers looking to work with model kits in creating new Transformers figures.

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    1/20 Scale Automobiles

    Here is all that I have for references are past builds for this one. A 1/20 scale average car would be huge, but when you have something that's genuinely small (such as an Indy car) and you need it to fit a 1/24 scale figure, you'll find 1/20 is perfect for this sort of project. The first one is a Tyrell P34 directly re-shelled over the Alternators Viper mold. The second is a Lieger JSP re-shelled over a combination of Alt Skids, Sunstreaker and Prime.



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