Scratch Builds: Customs Scale Reference 101 - Getting Started!

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    It's certainly no secret that one of my favorite custom artists ever is my dear friend, Mark - otherwise known to most as TFW2005.COM member Wikkid. As you can see from our Radicons Tutorials, Wikkid's contributed a lot over the years with tutorials, particularly in the area of "scratchbuilding." Additionally, one of our main connecting points in this hobby has been our affinity for Alternators and Binaltech, particularly the fact that these figures transform into scaled cars.

    Wikkid has taken this love a step further and provided us with an absolutely wonderful series of tutorials for reference titled Customs Scale Reference 101. What he has done is that he's taken several different scales of Transformers figures and provided reference material for each of them. Granted, while Alternators are officially scaled at 1:24, other series of TRANSFOREMRS toys do have a relatively accurate scale to them. Wikkid has not only provided those references, but he also includes figures and model kit scales that can be kitbashed to match.

    In a similar fashion to his The Basics of Scratch-building, Building Weapons with Wikkid, and Modifying and Building Heads with Wikkid, there was enough resources to make subsections for this tutorial series to make its own subsection! You can jump to any of those below, or if you bounce back to our Tables of Contents section. So, grab your model kits, your toy robots, and strap in while Wikkid shows you the ropes of kitbashing customs . . . to scale!

    Customs Scale Reference 101

    - by Wikkid:

    Wikkid has a few more notes to add, and those can be found below. Feel free to jump in on the ongoing discussion thread here, and feel free to ask him any questions you may have:

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