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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by jorod74, May 19, 2009.

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    I was trolling for deals at TRU's website and i started reading the reviews people post concerning the Transformers they bought.

    I don't know if any of you post your 2 cents there, but I have noticed that the most negative comments are left by a parent that bought a complex figure for an easily bored 5 year old, or they didn't understand that 5 minutes on google would have made the toy a better bargain.

    read one mom's comment that she "guiltily" threw a brand new Wing Saber in the trash because her kid didn't play with it.

    I know a few kinds in the 4-7 age range and even the 7 year old makes me nervous when he comes sniffing around my collection.
    I have seen him manhandle his own TFs, the second they break or a part that's designed to pop off does, that toy is forgotten.

    Most of the time, reading parent reviews of toys makes me angry knowing a good toy just got doomed to Junkion (the local landfill) because the kid wasn't ready or the parent didn't research a little.

    But of course, if any of you decide your MISB Brave Maximus sucks rocks, just tell me when and where you are dumping it at the landfill and i will adopt it post haste...

    so what do you think about those uninformed opinions/comments at TRU?
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    I read em/write em for humor. Only time I did a review on TRU, is when I ordered an item and it went on sale for 50% off a day or two later and they wouldn't price match it. Maybe I was demanding too much, but they gave some piss poor explanations, and tried to talk around it rather than telling me "we don't adjust prices". It was a lot longer conversation than I expected, and was really entertaining. I never lost my cool with them, but it was frustrating enough listening to the lady talk that I will never order from again.