Custom Transformers "Combiner": Alpha Brainwave

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    Got bored today and decided to improvise a combined mode for my two TR Brainstorm figures

    first shot.JPG back.JPG


    This combination will also work with two Blurrs, or a Brainstorm and a Blurr. Preferably, if you are going to use a Blurr for this combination, use him as the backpack

    shoulder-backpack mode.JPG

    The hollow sections in the arms fit loosely over the front part of the shoulders (where the arms hinge up into), and the arms on Brainstorm can be used as a locking mechanism

    torso mode.JPG

    This combination, which I have named Alpha Brainwave for some reason, has multiple weapon options; he can dual wield the shield/sled/nosecone pieces as giant guns, or use one sled/shield/nosecone piece combined with the gun antennae as a larger two-barrel cannon

    dual weild.JPG

    weapons assembly.JPG


    Of course, using Blurr as the backpack rather than another Brainstorm would allow for the use of a giant cannon and a shield. However, I do not have a Blurr to demonstrate this function with.


    Overall, as a product of boredom, I think this turned out surprisingly decent
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